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Impressive landscapes are easily achieved with the help of Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. Allow us to pull together the design and put those plans in motion with retail or wholesale purchases of palm trees in Southwest Florida. Our services range from design to sourcing plants and trees, tree installation, and more.

Wholesale Palm Trees Southwest FloridaThe landscapes of Southwest Florida are our concern. We’re focused on their perfection. By growing and selling palm, citrus, and shade trees in addition to flowers, shrubs, and shade-loving plants, we do our part to make the region we love even more beautiful. When you buy your plants and trees from us, you can be confident in their quality and health regardless of the size or type of plant or tree you purchase. Our 30-plus years of operations have resulted in a reputation for excellence that speaks for itself.

The palm trees that you purchase will often depend on how the property is used, the architecture of the building in question, and even the neighborhood where the property is located. We can help with landscape design services to match your plans to your property’s use and existing features. The results will be balanced and appropriate for your home, business, park, restaurant, highway, or other property that requires landscaping.

As you add plants, trees, and defining structures to your landscape, remember to enhance symmetry, unity, and balance. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can provide needed assistance from beginning to end to provide outstanding results for every property. Palm trees aren’t just essential to Florida landscapes. Specific trees suit specific purposes. Giant trees work as focal features and with large spaces while smaller trees serve as accent pieces or in small yards. Bring pictures of your space with you or schedule an on-site consultation for design assistance!

The plants, shrubs, and trees that we sell are all appropriate for planting in Southwest Florida. Every single palm tree that we sell is in ideal condition, no matter the size you purchase. Since younger trees take longer to acclimate to new locations and are more vulnerable to the transition, larger, older trees cost more. No matter how large, the trees that you choose can be moved safely when you choose Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for transplantation. We use Kubota equipment to minimize the trauma the tree experiences during transportation, and our tree installation team knows how to make sure that planting is fast and appropriate without damaging your property.

Professional landscaping and quality trees from our company will create outstanding results. Palm trees are of extra importance here in Southwest Florida, so we grow and sell several varieties. You’ll find the following palm trees as the most popular options in the area:

  • Adonidia palm trees (Christmas tree palm)
  • Silver Bismarckia trees (fan palm)
  • Areca palm trees
  • Pygmy Date palm trees
  • Foxtail palm trees

Dial 239-362-4327 or stop to browse our nursery at Punta Gorda. In addition to selling our company-grown and nurtured plants and trees, we also provide design and tree installation services as well as mulching, sodding, and other services.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is the place to go when you need to purchase wholesale palm trees in Southwest Florida. The quality of our products is without question, and we can also provide services to protect the creation and implementation of your design.

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