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Basking in the warmth of the sun and enjoying the shade of palm trees are just two common expectations of Florida landscaping. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape grows, sells, and services our own plants and trees. For disease-free and pest-free wholesale palm trees that will thrive in Lee County, Florida, we’re an excellent option.

Wholesale Palm Trees Lee County, FloridaThe answer to improving any landscape in Florida – residential, commercial, or public – is more palm trees! Turn to us at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to produce individual or bulk orders of plants and trees. Our passion, knowledge, and best practices create a prime environment for producing plants and trees that will thrive in Southwest Florida landscaping.

Before Making a Bulk Purchase

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is a terrific source for palm, citrus, and shade trees, but we’re also a great source of information! We can help guide you through the process of purchasing and making landscaping decisions and adjustments to ensure that your trees grow well.

Plenty of organizations require bulk purchases. Schools, restaurants, resorts, hotels, county supervisor crews, city beautification boards, and so on are interested in buying multiple palms at once. Doing so is helpful when you have more than one property to plant or a large property that requires groupings of palm trees. Whether you want to line an entry drive or accent multiple areas, we can provide help with identifying the right palms to purchase and help with steps to take before planting.

  • Plan for growth. Palm trees can take years upon years to reach maturity, so make sure that you place them away from power lines, buildings, or underground tanks or pipes.
  • Ensure that the soil drains well. For palm trees to grow well, they need regular watering, but the roots will rot if left standing in water for a sustained period of time. Checking for drainage is fairly simple. You can dig a hole, fill it with water, and return to see how long it takes for the water to drain.

Choosing an Appropriate Palm Variety for Your Bulk Purchase

The right palm tree for your landscaping efforts will depend on the area you need to fill and the purpose for the planting. For instance, the tree you want use to create a privacy tree line will be completely different than one you want as a substantial focal point.

We, at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, offer a host of palm species. Consider the following varieties we have available:

  • Areca Palm Tree – a moderately fast-growing tree that is drought tolerant. The bushy width of the canopy makes it a great option for a privacy screen.
  • Adonidia Palm Tree – otherwise known as the Christmas palm, this tree has a shorter stature and works well with groups. It also produces red berries around the holiday season each year.
  • Foxtail Palm Tree – named for its bushy fronds that resemble fox tails, this palm needs protection from cold weather, and the fronds should be allowed to fall naturally since this palm is a self-cleaning variety.
  • Silver Bismarckia Palm Tree – often called the fan palm, this tree doesn’t require much care but grows to substantial heights. Placement is key for future growth of this giant.
  • Pygmy Date Palm Tree – also called the Phoenix Robelenii, this tree is a slow grower that only reaches heights of around 10 feet.

Any commercial, governmental, or residential entity in need of wholesale palm trees in the area around Lee County, Florida, should look to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. In addition to providing a great selection of company-grown palms, we also supply the equipment and manpower needed to deliver and plant the trees safely and appropriately. Give us a call today for more information 239-362-4327!

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