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When a Florida landscape lacks an abundance of healthy palms, the scene is striking and disappointing. County management, commercial landscapers, and other entities seeking bulk wholesale palm trees for sale in the area around Cape Coral, Florida, should consider Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape as a full-service resource.

Retirees and vacationers flock to Florida expecting to find sun, sand, and a sense of relaxation. Tropical varieties of plants, trees, grasses, and shrubs are impressive and another expected part of the Florida-idea.

Palm trees are probably the most closely associated landscaping element associated with the area, so having an abundance of them is vital to the creation of a Florida landscape. Here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, we can provide bulk sales to a number of residential or commercial entities requiring palms, including the following:

  • High-end residential landscapers
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Theme parks
  • County management for parks, highways, etc.
  • City management for area beautification
  • Any other entity requiring residential or commercial landscaping

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape nurtures our own company-grown palm trees and other tropical specimens. Our goal is to match subtropical Florida expectations to reality by providing quality plants and trees. We have the specimens, the equipment, and the know-how required to deliver and install trees of all sorts and sizes.

Purchasing trees in bulk is a great way to save money and time when making arrangements for several different properties or areas within one large property. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is an excellent single-source operation because we nurture our trees from the beginning and can provide a specimen in any stage of maturity. Whether you’d like a smaller palm with many years of growing to go or a large, fully grown palm to fit within your plan, we can provide a healthy and pest-free, high-quality palm tree.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape provides access to thriving palm trees in a plethora of types, sizes, and colors at two locations: our tree farm on Pine Island and our nursery in Punta Gorda. We’re well known for our 30-plus years of passionate commitment to the task of growing and selling Florida-worthy plants and trees. Come in to see what we have to offer when you need a bulk purchase for a home landscaping project, to line streets, landscape at hotels or resorts, or use in any other landscape around Southwest Florida.

Transporting and transplanting your bulk palm tree purchase is another step in the process that you can trust us to handle. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape will carefully and knowledgably transport and install your trees. We only use Kubota equipment because of the smoother ride and less disruptive transport, and our staff fully understands the process and importance of each step within the tree planting process. Allowing us to handle this process will protect your investment.

If you are in the market for wholesale palm trees in Cape Coral, Florida, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape should top of your list for consideration. We have plenty of options for sale in all types and sizes. Call 239-362-4327 to discuss how we can help you choose, transport, and transplant your bulk purchase of palm trees.

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