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Improve the functionality and appearance of your Southwest Florida landscape by incorporating palm trees into the design. The native, natural plantings will grow well in the area and speak to the tropical appeal of the area. If you’re in the market and wondering where to buy palm trees, the answer is clearly Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Punta Gorda.

Choosing Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape should be a natural choice for anyone who knows the history and practices of the business. We’ve been in operation for 30 years, growing all of our trees from seed on our own Pine Island tree farm. We offer a plethora of plants and trees for your purchase, all of which are kept in the best of health, nurtured and sold under the supervision of experienced professionals.

The palm tree that you purchase from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can be the exact variety you need for your landscape since we offer so many different kinds and sizes. Whether you purchase a container-bound palm or select one for us to dig and transplant, consider all of your choices as you integrate new palm trees into your landscape design.

Areca Palms

The Areca Palm is a great choice for either an indoor or outdoor tree. It’ll grow to a height of around 10 feet, so it’s perfect for fencing or screening. The advantages for indoor use include air filtering, pet safety, and aesthetic distinction.

Adonidia Palms

Adonidia palms are low-maintenance, ornamental, self-cleaning trees. They’re great for small spaces since they grow at a moderate speed up to heights of 25 feet. These palms look terrific when planted in small groupings underneath the bright beauty of the Florida sun!

Foxtail Palms

A Foxtail palm is well known for the coppery bands left behind when leaves shed. Since this variety is vulnerable to freezing temperatures during the winter, make sure to plant them as far south as possible, near a body of water for temperature stability, and protect them during a cold snap as needed.

Silver Bismarckia Palms

These tall beauties can withstand cold temperatures once they’re well-established. The moniker “Fan Palm” comes from the design of the tree itself, because the fronds extend outward from a central point as a fan does. The large root and canopy system will require plenty of space within the landscape, and its impressive aesthetic makes it a powerful focal feature.

Pygmy Date Palms

The Pygmy Date palm is another small palm for use as an outdoor accent or screen or as an indoor decorative element. Planted as a group or as an accenting border, these hardy plants will sustain the tropical feel of your landscape all year long.

As you browse our palm trees, avail yourself of the assistance that our professional staff provides. We offer advice, healthy plants, and even assistance with transport and installation. Depending on the size of the tree purchased, you may need help installing your tree, and we have the perfect combination of expertise, manpower, and equipment to see that it’s done well.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is where to buy palm trees in Southwest Florida because one of our top priorities is to make sure that every tree sale comes with an understanding of proper tree care! If you’d like to schedule a consultation, call us at 239-362-4327 or stop in whenever it’s convenient.

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