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Incorporating a citrus tree or two into your landscape can be a wonderful investment that you can make in your property. Complementing your Southwest Florida landscape with greenery and citrus fragrance is further enhanced by the fruit your tree will eventually produce. As you look for where to buy citrus trees, consider Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape as the prime source for product, planting, and protection of your plants.

Best Source for Citrus Trees

Where to Buy Citrus TreesWe claim to be the best source for your citrus trees for several reasons. Our experience has taught us how to care for the trees that we sell, and we’re firmly committed to providing the best possible specimen for your landscape. When you buy a tree from us, you can be sure that it will grow in the region, and we’re always eager to pair the sale of a tree with helpful advice.

Designate the Best Place for Planting

Good drainage is important for the health and survival of your citrus tree investment. To evaluate the drainage on your property, dig a 1 ½’ deep hole, fill it with water, and return the next day to fill it again. At this point, if the water falls at least 2” within a 2-hour time frame, the drainage is adequate for your citrus. In our sandy area, most landscapes will have plenty of drainage, so choose from our stock of tangelo, orange, lemon, and cocktail trees to work in your yard.

Container Planting Citrus Trees

A light, good-draining soil will promote the growth of your citrus trees when planted in containers. The containers should be large enough to handle continual growth, include plenty of holes for drainage, and ideally include wheels on the bottom for indoor/outdoor transitions. After planting, make sure that the tree enjoys plenty of water, followed by fertilizer after 7-14 days. Your soil should remain damp without being soggy, so frequency of watering will depend on placement and time of year.

Anticipate the Unusual Freeze

We don’t experience many freezes or even frost here in Southwest Florida, but when we do, you should think of your citrus trees. If your tree is mature and has healthy foliage, short drops into high freezing temperatures (upper 20s) will be survivable. However, younger, vulnerable trees should be protected with drop cloths or wraps.

Delegate Your Tree Installation

Knowing the basic care demands of your tree doesn’t have to be difficult. We gladly provide guidance, but we offer services beyond that as well. We provide tree installation services, mulching, and landscape design. These services will provide your tree purchase with a healthy beginning.

If you’re wondering where to buy citrus trees, find a source with quality trees and comprehensive, dedicated care. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape has over 30 years of experience and is operated by a family of experts. Whether you’d like to set up an appointment for service or browse our stock, we’re available by phone at 239-362-4327, or you can stop in at our location at Punta Gorda, Florida. We’re passionate about Southwest Florida landscaping and can provide you with healthy, pest- and disease-free citrus trees for your residential or commercial property.

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