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Where to Buy Citrus Trees in Southwest Florida

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Citrus trees in your yard bring you fresh citrus-scented breezes and juicy, healthy fruit year after year. Growing them will make your home more valuable and allow you to more fully embrace the joys of Florida living. When wondering where to buy citrus trees in Southwest Florida, look no further than Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. Our company-grown, high-quality plants and trees, along with our courteous and informative staff, await the opportunity to help you enhance your property with citrus.

Benefits from Planting Citrus

Where to Buy Citrus Trees in Southwest FloridaThe advantages that you’ll gain from growing citrus on your property go further than enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or lemonade. They even go beyond spreading homemade preserves on your toast or bagel. Your actual property and the larger community all stand to benefit from this choice.

Planting a Tree Helps Your Budget and the World

Regardless of the type of tree you choose, planting one is good for your personal economics as well as the larger ecosystem.

Adding shade to your property lowers the temperature significantly, which in turn lowers your utility costs.

The screen effect that trees provide can also block wind and filter dust from entering your home, so having trees on your property can improve your health.

Climate change is already affecting our area. As the climate changes, trees can be a major defense against erosion and pollution. The roots will absorb water, filter ground water, and hold soil, so it’s a great idea to plant trees and other plantings.

Finally, planting trees removes carbon from the atmosphere and adds oxygen, so you’re contributing to the prevention of further climate change.

Since planting trees is such a great thing, why not enjoy the benefits of the food-to-table experience at the same time? Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape sells orange, tangelo, lemon, and cocktail trees, and with time and proper care, your tree will bear nutritious bounty for your family’s enjoyment.

Most citrus trees will require about three years of growth before producing fruit. During this time, you’ll need to water regularly, apply fertilizer a few times per year, and prune occasionally. Provide your tree with plenty of clearance for the roots and canopy to grow and apply the best type of mulch for the variety you choose. Our knowledgeable staff members are in a great position to provide planting and maintenance tips while you shop or even during a follow-up call as needed.

In the modern world, our kids may truly believe that food originates in the back of the grocery store. Planting and growing citrus provide you with the opportunity to grow your family food. In fact, the food will be organic, fresher, and ultimately healthier than fruit you find in that grocery aisle. During bumper crop years, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about preserving and drying fruit as well as getting to know neighbors by blessing them with your overflow of citrus!

Do your wallet, your yard, your neighborhood, and your world good and plant some citrus trees on your property. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Punta Gorda are where you should go to buy citrus trees in Southwest Florida. Call 239-362-4327 today to learn more about buying, planting, and growing citrus or to schedule a consultation or delivery.

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