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Silver Biskmarckia, or Fan Palms, are the giants of the palm tree world and will invoke a sense of strength when used in the landscape of your residence or business. Here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, you’ll have access to the homegrown palms we nurture and monitor, along with access to a  knowledgeable staff and assistance with landscape design and tree services.

Silver Bismarckia / Fan PalmsFor more than 30 years, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape has committed to providing plants and trees that grow well within Southwest Florida. We grow what we sell, and we provide design and care guidance as well as transportation and installation services for trees. Quality won’t be a question when you purchase your Silver Bismarckia palm tree from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

Proportions Are Key for Landscape Planning

The size of the Silver Bismarckia palm tree is grand and is ideal for a similarly large landscape. In a small yard or near a small home, the tree will seem too out of place and proportion.

For a larger landscape, the Silver Bismarckia can be the perfect palm tree choice. Its substantial structure and size will create a natural focal point and appropriate enhancement to the property.

The size isn’t the only breathtaking feature common to this palm tree. The color of the fronds is silvery blue, steel-gray, or even silvery white, and the fan of the canopy is proportionally large at diameters of up to 10 feet. A single palm alone is remarkable, and the effect grows with each additional Silver Bismarckia palm tree.

Identifying the Best Position

Silver Bismarckia palm trees are best grown with full sun exposure, but they’ll grow in partial sun as well. Tolerant of salt and drought once acclimated to its new home, this palm is best suited to Zone 10 but will also grow in Zone 9b.

The size of this tree also demands that the location you choose is large and empty! Your tree might start small, but it’s going to grow. The canopy and root system will be wide, so you should plant in an area that’s free of obstructions above, below, or at ground level. In other words, give 15 feet of clearance away from septic drainage fields, buildings, power lines, etc.

What You Should Expect Regarding Tree Care

Once you find the perfect place for your tree, planning out your tree care regimen will be important. Planting a Silver Bismarckia palm can be difficult, but here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, you’ll find experienced professionals who know how to safely transport and transplant your tree and use Kubota equipment that’s perfect for minimizing root stress during the process. Don’t risk your investment with an inexperienced transplant experience.

Best practices for planting include adding a bit of topsoil or organic peat moss when planting and watering thoroughly initially. While the Silver Bismarckia doesn’t naturally lose fronds, the slow growth will prevent frequent trimming. Fertilizing three times a year will be adequate – once per season except winter.

Giant palms, Silver Bismarckia/Fan Palms, will add shade and increase comfort within your landscape, lower your utility costs, and create an immediate impact aesthetically. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape provides you with a great source for healthy, company-grown trees in a variety of all sizes. We offer guidance when shopping and planting, tree services, and follow up. Give us a holler at 239-362-4327 for more information!

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