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Shrubs are an underestimated necessity of landscaping. Add depth and privacy to your property with shrubs that serve a purpose and enhance the appearance of the yard. The many variations of shrubbery we offer here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape make a bit of guidance essential, and we happily provide a team of professionals to assist with shopping at our Punta Gorda location.

Consider Future Growth

Shrubs for SaleBuying shrubbery can be complicated because the desired outcome will be much different than the way they look in the beginning. When first planted, the shrubbery will seem short and too widely spread out, but over time, the shrubs will grow and fill out the spaces. Since this level of planning is difficult for those unfamiliar with landscaping, we invite our customers to reach out for landscaping design services prior to purchase.

Consider the Totality of Your Landscape

The landscape in total should heavily influence the shrubs you choose. The right shrubs, placed in the right locations, can elevate your landscape far beyond its current condition. The shrubs should also seem natural to the region. Any shrub that you find here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape will fit the bill, and we’re happy to help you choose the right shrubbery for your particular property.

The shrubs we offer here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape include the following:

Arboricola is a shrub that thrives in this area and grows at a moderate pace. These shrubs function well as boundary decorations and accent pieces. Their appearance is best when they’re kept at 2-3 feet heights, but they show up well throughout any landscape due to their yellow and green highlights. When considering location, ensure that this shrub has partial sun and shade.

Red-Tipped Cocoplum is a hedge that grows moderately quickly and is salt-tolerant. Immediately after planting, and until the shrub is settled, homeowners should water regularly and protect from cold weather when needed. These shrubs are generally pruned to a 4-foot square for a modern, clean appearance.

Crotons are shrubs with a strong tropical aesthetic. These low-growing shrubs feature a range of colors for a beautiful enhancement of depth in your landscape. They’re often grown as houseplants as well as outdoor shrubbery. Either way, they are sunlight and water lovers.

Dwarf Clusia is another tropical shrub. This shrub also grows low to the ground and features light green small leaves. Great for Southwest Florida, it loves full to partial sun and can tolerate drought conditions.

Blue Agave can handle drought, sun, and heat well, so it thrives in the Southwest Florida region.

Placing Shrubs throughout Your Landscape

Placing shrubs around your property is a time to think outside the box. Using them as boundary markers and accents is an expected landscaping function, but you can also plant them in pots and grow them indoors or on patios, providing a great option for apartment dwellers who’d like a bit of green in their concrete jungles.

Come by Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to check out the shrubs we offer for sale. We can meet all needs regarding height and growing requirements, and our team gladly offers advice and guidance about using shrubs effectively and creatively. For more information, dial 239-362-4327 or pay us a visit to see what we have to offer for your landscape.

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