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Adding depth of design and including tropical-worthy palms in landscaping come easy with the addition of Pygmy Date Palms (Phoenix Robelenii). Differing heights among the plants and trees in a landscape design plan enhance the aesthetic depth effectively. Pygmy Date Palms purchased from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape come with assured health and quality care instructions. Our informative team of staff members is happy to help guide homeowners and landscapers through the process of employing these trees within their landscape designs.

A pygmy date palm will grow through Zones 9 and 11 and reach heights between 8 and 10 feet when growth ends. This variety of palm is perfect for either container growing or in-ground planting. To make the most of your purchase, a bit of maintenance will keep your tree in tip-top condition.

Water Demands

Pygmy date palms grow well in moist soils, but constant saturation will rot the roots and cause tree death. Usually, this need translates into a weekly watering demand, but it’s best to check the soil regularly. If the soil is dry below two inches, it’s time to water.

Fertilizer Demands

Palm tree fertilizer should be applied to your pygmy date palm twice or thrice yearly. This fertilizer includes the nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and other micronutrients needed for the best possible growth. Water well after each occasion of fertilizing, and only apply fertilizer during the tree’s active growing season.

Protection from Debris and Pests

Keeping your tree healthy should include keeping its leaves clean. Use a gentle spray setting on your hose when rain is infrequent and dust becomes prevalent. Rinsing will remove dust along with salt and pests. When you see brown fronds, you can remove them, but limit pruning to maximize health.

Protection from Weather and End Environmental Hazards

When pygmy date palms are young, they can be vulnerable to wind, sun, and heat. Whether in a container or the ground, provide partial sun exposure year-round and protection from the elements during freezing weather, storms, or bouts of excessive heat.

Choosing a Source for Your Pygmy Date Palm

Landscapers, both novice and professional, have counted on Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for well over 30 years. We provide top-notch plants and trees along with specialized instructions about care and design. For a homegrown tree at any stage of development, stop in for a pest- and disease-free specimen. We proudly and passionately grow our own palms on Pine Island and welcome the opportunity to provide landscapes in Southwest Florida with shade, palm, and citrus trees along with flowering plants, shrubs, and shade plants.

Beautify a Landscape without Larger Trees

Landscaping efforts in this area will surely include the use of palm trees, and pygmy date palm trees are great for both small and large yards. In small spaces and on patios, the pygmy date is proportional, and within larger yards, smaller palms can contribute depth to the aesthetic that wouldn’t be possible with only one size of palm tree.

For the easiest way to add a bit of tropical flavor to your Southwest Florida landscape, come to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for Pygmy Date Palms (Phoenix Robelenii). Reach out to us at 239-362-4327 for more information about the various types of palm trees we grow as well as the other plants and trees we nurture and sell.

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