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Buying trees wholesale is a common need for a variety of Florida institutions. Golf courses, residential associations, hotels, restaurants, professional landscapers, county management, and city beautification boards are just a few examples of entities who stand to benefit from the remarkable and bountiful array of pygmy date palm specimen we offer here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

The pygmy date palm is also known as the Phoenix Robelenii, and we plant, nurture, and monitor their growth on our tree farm on Pine Island. Thirty years past, our family began growing and selling palm trees, and we continue to passionately endeavor to beautify Southwest Florida with remarkable palm, shade, and citrus trees as well as sun and heat loving plants and shrubs.

Come see the friendly and professional staff at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for a walk through of our offerings, a knowledgeable guide, and even delivery and installation services.

The Significant Features of Pygmy Date Palms

While giant palms are beautiful and significant, every featured tree or structure needs an accent. Whether you have a small yard, an empty space within your yard, or focal features that require emphasis, pygmy date palms pack an effective aesthetic punch without the size requirements or care demands you’d expect.

The pygmy date palm, Phoenix Robelenii, thrives from USDA hardiness zones 9 to 11. Their slow growth and small size (8-10 feet max) make container planting possible, but you can also plant them inground. These palms love indirect sunlight, so they work as an accent to larger structures and trees.

Caring for pygmy date palms is an easy process that doesn’t require rigorous maintenance. Keeping the roots of your palm moist is essential. Too much water is just as damaging as too little, so consistent checking and watering when needed (generally weekly) will be the majority of your care routine for pygmy date palms.

Drainage is another key need of pygmy date palm trees. Best considered prior to planting, make sure that the container you choose has sufficient drainage and that the ground has appropriate drainage as well. Keep in mind that roots regularly resting in saturated soil will rot and kill your tree.

Another key demand of your pygmy date palm tree will be fertilizer. Twice a year, a palm tree fertilizer application will go far to encourage healthy and consistent growth. Applications should occur during the growing season of spring and summer to make sure that the tree has nutrients essential for growth.

Rinsing leaves and keeping them clean will secure the health of your pygmy date palm tree. Removing brown fronds encourages healthy growth as well. Both of these steps maximize the effects of sun and nutrients within the tree’s leaves while making the tree’s beauty secure as well.

The time between planting and complete acclimation will require closer attention than after a tree has been in its permanent home for a while. Extremes of temperature, wind, and precipitation can lessen the health of a tree until this period is complete.

If you’re planning to buy pygmy date palm trees as a wholesale purchase with multiple trees in a lot, come by the nursery or tree farm of Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. We welcome retail and wholesale purchasers, and you can reach us by calling 239-362-4327 if you’d like to take care of your landscaping needs in Florida by phone rather than in person. We offer both delivery and tree installation.

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