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Landscaping efforts should provide more than added home value. Your lifestyle should also be improved. When planning all the elements of your landscape design, remember the importance of porch and patio furnishings to your Punta Gorda home. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can meet an array of your landscaping needs including design creation, plant and tree sourcing, and landscape installation.

Why Patio Furniture Matters

Porch & Patio Furnishings Punta GordaOutdoor furnishings can improve the enjoyment and the function of your home’s outdoor areas. The right pieces can transform a blank, empty area into a luxurious room for respite, entertaining, dining, or working. Consult with professionals as you choose outdoor furnishings to ensure that what you choose will work stylistically and functionally for years to come.

Why Consult with Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape

The 30+ years of landscaping efforts in Southwest Florida, as well as our passion for making the outdoors the prize of your home, provide the folks here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape with the right stuff to influence your outdoor furniture purchase. Our staff is professional, and our landscape design team can help you plan a landscape that will suit your style preferences, lifestyle goals, neighborhood, and property. We’re happy to consult on-site or at our nursery when you have questions about landscape design choices – even related to something as deceptively simple as outdoor furniture.

Start Your Shopping Plan with a List

Making a list is a great way to start any project. Shopping for outdoor furniture is no different. Start by listing all the activities you want to pursue in your outdoor space. All the ways you plan to entertain, relax, dine, nap, work, craft, etc. should influence the furniture that you choose to include in your design. You might discover that your planned use is limited in scope, and your furniture purchase should be as well.

Only Consider Products That Will Last

The outdoor furniture that you purchase for your landscape should be easy to maintain and durable. Southwest Florida’s climate demands that patio furniture resist wind damage, salt, corrosion, rain, humidity, heat, and sun exposure. Invest in quality furniture for your outdoor space.

Keep Stylistic Consistency

The architectural style and color scheme of your home’s exterior should be mirrored by the outdoor furniture you choose. Failing to remain consistent will lead to a disjointed, odd style that will leave guests wondering “Why?” An outdoor rug, décor accents, pillows, blankets, and other brick-brack can contribute to a pulled together look.

Professional planning for your landscape will lend to an outdoor design that will raise your home value and your spirits. This type of planning requires more than knowing what you like. Professional landscape designers consider the grade of your property, constructed patios and buildings, appropriate plants, shrubs, and trees, and consistency of style, symmetry, and unity.

Call 239-362-4327 to schedule an on-site design consultation with Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, or stop in at our Punta Gorda nursery. The services and products we provide are sure to make your residential or commercial landscape complete, effortlessly. The design team can quickly identify changes that your landscape will need, plants and trees that will work well on your property and together, and the ideal porch and patio furnishings for your home’s landscape design.

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