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Porch and patio furnishings will be an integral part of the landscaped design of a Fort Myers home. The overall landscape will include several elements including focal points, accents, depth, color, balance, etc. Creating a landscape that successfully incorporates all elements for an amazing result requires professional input, and Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can provide that. Before you buy plants, trees, and furniture, schedule a consultation with our team for design guidance.

Weigh the Costs of Selecting Cheaper Outdoor Furnishings

Porch & Patio Furnishings Fort MyersPurchasing low priced outdoor furnishings will likely require that you buy replacements sooner and enjoy your outdoor time far less. Your outdoor furniture should weather the sun, rain, wind, and humidity of Southwest Florida well and provide comfortable seating or reclining to promote outdoor relaxation. The outdoor furniture that lasts, resists fading and staining, allows for easy cleaning, and provides comfort is also generally more expensive.

Identify Furnishings That Complement the Landscape’s Plants and Trees

Proximal plants and trees should complement any patio furnishings. Incorporating the right degree of interest and depth should follow professional design. Stop in at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to view the broad wealth of plants and trees we have available. Consider the top sellers of each category:

  • Flowering plants
    • Ixora plants
    • Bougainvillea plants
    • Hibiscus plants
    • Firebush plants
    • Oleander plants
  • Shade plants
    • Xanadu plants
    • Variegated Ginger plants
    • Philodendron plants
    • Red Congo plants
    • Cordyline Black Magic plants
  • Shrubs
    • Arboricola
    • Red Tipped Cocoplum
    • Crotons
    • Clusia
    • Blue Agave
  • Palm Trees
    • Areca Palm Trees
    • Adonidia Palm Trees
    • Foxtail Palm Trees
    • Silver Bismarckia Palm Trees
    • Pygmy Date Palm Trees
  • Citrus Trees
    • Tangelo trees
    • Tangerine trees
    • Lemon trees
    • Cocktail trees
  • Shade Trees
    • Magnolia trees
    • Shady Lady trees
    • Live Oak trees
    • Bottle Brush trees

Choose Furnishings That Work with Your Patio or Deck

The patio or deck that you have will dictate some of the features of your outdoor furniture. The furniture’s size should be such that leaves sufficient room for movement while providing seating space for residents and expected guests.

Another factor to consider is the material composing the patio or deck. A wooden deck will require that you choose chairs with wide enough legs that they won’t get stuck in the area between boards while a concrete patio can get slick in the rain, so furniture that doesn’t slide would be most appropriate.

Go with Furnishings That Fill a Design Function

Every landscape requires a focal point, and depending on the size and setup of your property, the focal feature might just be your outdoor furnishings. The right pieces along with the perfect plant accessories will draw the eye as a focal point should.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Whether you require help designing the entire landscape or just replacing a few shrubs, let us provide your landscaping needs. We can help every step along the way. Instead of going it alone, which will likely end with a random, thrown together aesthetic, schedule an on-site design consultation or, at the very least, bring in some photographs of your property as you browse.

We do landscapes. At Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, you will find quality plants and trees along with professionals who can provide superior services including design, mulching, sodding, tree installation, and more. Before you buy the first porch and patio furnishings for your Fort Myers home, stop in and let us show you how the decision is far more complex than you might imagine. We’re reachable at 239-362-4327.

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