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When you’re on the hunt for the perfect flower, shrub, or tree to coordinate and complete your landscape. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is the perfect plant nursery for you. The advantages we offer are clear!

  • Impressive variety
  • Expert guidance based upon 30 years of passion and experience
  • Homegrown plantings
  • In-house landscape services and tree installation
  • Much more!

Various Plantings for Diverse Landscapes

While every landscape should embrace natively grown plants, the color, texture, and height of the various plants should infuse depth into the landscape. By shopping with us, you’ll have access to many different flowering plants, shrubs, and shade plants in addition to a diverse array of citrus, palm, and shade trees. Accept a little help as you choose the best combination of materials, and don’t be afraid to divulge details about your landscape. Details like the size of the property, architectural style, existing colors of the home and outbuildings, etc. are important when it comes to creating the best landscape plan for your property, and they all influence the right planting choices.

Expert Guidance for Long-lived Landscapes

When you invest your hard-earned funds into your landscape, you want it to live for as long as possible. This area is also one where we can provide assistance. We can provide answers and help related to maintenance, planting, and positioning problems associated with our products. Make sure that you limit the amount of stress the plant endures, provide ample water and fertilizer, and position in the best spot for the particular variety to get the optimal amount of sun. By following these instructions, your planting should thrive. For larger installations and projects, consider availing yourself of our landscaping installation services. When you lack the equipment or manpower needed, we can be a lifesaver for your landscape and your newly purchased plantings.

Plant Nursery in Pine IslandHomegrown and Thriving Plants

We offer flowers, shrubs, shades, and trees that have been grown in the same area where purchased. Beltran’s grows each from seed to maturity, so you can choose the exact height that you need for your landscape project. You can also be sure that each planting has developed under the supervision of caring and professional experts. With the particulars regarding zones and temperature a non-issue since they’re natively grown, you’ll be happy with the plants that you choose from our nursery. Embrace the beauty of our subtropical region with plants that reflect this status!

In-House Landscape and Tree Installation

It’s no small feat to install new mulch, sod, and trees. It takes work that we can handle. Choose a nursery that installs what it sells, and you’ll be happy with the results. With experience and knowledge as guidance, your trees and plants will be transplanted with minimal stress and optimal likelihood of successful acclimation. Take the guesswork out of your landscaping by pairing your purchase with landscaping services from Beltran’s. Whether the job requires heavy equipment or a shovel and a strong back, we’ll come prepared for the job and stick around to see it completed.

Choosing the right plants for your landscape is the first step toward a beautiful property. Take this step with an expert guiding the way, and continue the journey with assistance provided by professionals. The results will be worthy of you and your property. For your business or your residence, protect the landscaping results by choosing Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape as your source for plants, trees, and landscaping services. Come by our location or contact us via phone at (239) 362-4327.

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