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Whether you’re on the hunt for palm trees to adorn a bar or restaurant parking lot, a community park, or your own front yard, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers some beauties for sale right here in SW Florida.

Our 60+ acre palm tree farm is outfitted to ideally suit the needs of palm trees. Our various palm tree species are healthy and nurtured by our family, as we’ve done for over three decades.

Palm Trees for Sale SW FloridaLandscapers have plenty of choices when it comes to palm trees. The trees chosen should work within the space designated to receive the tree though. All of our trees are fully appropriate for Southwest Florida, while some are more tolerant of cold, drought, and wind than others. For specific guidance, our team is always happy to help with guidance concerning features best suited to your macro- and micro-climate.

Suggested Palm Tree Varieties

Phoenix Robelenii – commonly called the Pygmy Date Palm, this tree is originally from Southeast Asia but grows wonderfully here in Southwest Florida. This relatively short tree reaches approximately 10’ at maxed height, so it works well in smaller landscapes, as an accent in a small corner or alcove, and as a complement to other palm trees. The Pygmy date palm is tolerant of drought and resistant to infestation, so it’s relatively easy to grow. We offer single and multi-trunk specimen to fulfill all sorts of landscape design intentions.

Silver Bismarckia – commonly called the fan palm – reaches great heights of 40’ and even taller! The fronds grow outward from a center point, hence the resemblance to a fan. Its grandiose, statement making beauty regularly earns it a spot as a focal feature of luxurious Florida landscapes. This tree goes well with minimal maintenance, but it should be planted with plenty of room to accommodate future growth of roots, canopy, and trunk height.

Areca Palm – often considered a hedge-worthy palm, this tree serves as an excellent screen to indicate boundaries, block prying eyes, and filter unwelcome dust. The feathery fronds on this tree grow thick with max heights of 20’. They’re versatile enough to grow in containers as well as in-ground while being resistant to drought and perfectly positioned to thrive within our region. We supply Silver Bismarckia palm trees in all states of maturity and sizes to fit any landscaping plan.

Foxtail palm tree – named so because of its fronds that resemble a fox’s tail. This self-cleaning tree exhibits coppery bands that remain when fronds fall. Placement of this tree is ideally positioned as near the coast as possible.

Adonidia palm tree – commonly called the Christmas palm – bears white flowers and red berries in early winter. This easily grown, self-cleaning tree serves as both a focal feature and part of a grouping making it a flexible feature of tropical landscaping design.

Find the Best Palm Trees at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape proudly stands by our high-quality plants and trees. In addition to palm trees for sale, we offer citrus and shade trees as well as flowers, shrubs, and shade plants. Come in and tour our tree farm or nursery for a clear vision of what your SW Florida landscape can be. You can also reach out by calling 239-362-4327 to explore all of your landscaping options.

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