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Our location in Punta Gorda, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers 60 acres of palm tree production along with a well-stocked nursery with palm trees and other tropical plants and trees for sale. As you look about for the right place to buy your palm trees and perform a “near me” search, be sure that the one chosen offers the quality and variety you need.

Palm Trees for Sale near MeAs you shop for landscape adornment, feel free to stop in or call to discuss our availability, facilities, and commitment to sustainability. We’ll be happy to demonstrate that we can provide the quantity, quality, variety, and service that you need.

Palm trees are a natural choice for Florida landscaping. They offer an easy tropical feel as well as shade, dust protection, and even privacy. Without palm trees, your home might feel incomplete because they’re such a natural part of Florida landscaping. We can honor any order, large or small, and deliver quickly. Our palms are grown in-house, monitored for health and quality, and available at all stages of maturation.

Our tree farm is a beautiful place, where we harvest the beauty of nature in combination with our hard work. The humidity, proximity to the Gulf, and natural environment are ideal for producing a range of native plants and trees that we sell.

When you choose to purchase from us, you will find various features to help you line your property, enhance landscape features, or incorporate focal features. We’ll be happy to help guide your purchase, deliver, install, and provide further care instruction. Our ultimate goal is to provide palm trees that provide lasting beauty for generations in the future.

The Planting Site Matters

Most often, palm trees are best served by locations near water with protection from northern winds. When planted as far south as possible, the temperatures are less likely to dip below freezing for very long. Customers in Southwest Florida can be pretty certain that any palm tree we sell will be suited to the climate of their property.

The site should also have good drainage. Checking it yourself is fairly easy:

  1. Dig a 1 ½ foot deep hole
  2. Fill it with water
  3. Time the drainage
  4. For best results, the water should drain within two hours.

The professionals here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape are happy to help diagnose your soil’s drainage and modify if needed.

The location site for planting should also be clear of any obstacles. The tree will continue to grow, so make sure that the roots and canopy won’t interfere with elements that might be below, at, or above ground.

Create a Planting Plan

At Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, customers can purchase trees that range from pot-bound in size to gigantic ground-bound trees. The installation of these trees should be planned out before the purchase is made. We offer transport and planting services if you’d like. Our team is knowledgeable, and we use the best equipment to see the project completed well.

Whether you need to redo an older landscape design or plan to develop new property, contact us at 239-362-4327. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape should be the obvious answer to anyone searching for the “best palm trees for sale near me.”

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