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Landscape contractors and DIY-motivated home and business owners who require palm trees to complete Florida projects will find quality specimen for sale with Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. We’re happy to serve Southwest Florida with an array of palm trees for all manner of landscaping designs and purposes.

Palm Trees for Sale in FloridaWe have more than 30 years providing top-notch palm trees to the area. Our 60-acre tree farm provides a wealth of specimen. In addition to palms, customers can find shade and citrus trees as well as flowers, shrubs, and shade plants. To see for yourself, stop in at the tree farm or check out our nursery in Punta Gorda.

We’re able to dig, deliver, and install quickly. Our focus remains on the demands of residential and commercial landscaping endeavors in Southwest Florida. When you need background, boundary definitions, symmetry, shade, and the perfect tropical aesthetic, a palm tree can accomplish the purpose.

Identifying the Right Palm Tree to Purchase

Before making your palm tree purchase, you’ll have to go through the process of identifying the best option. The planting site, area’s micro-climate, landscape function, and other elements should play into the decision.

The palm trees we most frequently sell provide the variety required for most landscaping designs.

  • Areca Palm Trees
  • Foxtail Palm Trees
  • Adonidia Palm Trees
  • Silver Bismarckia Palm Trees
  • Pygmy Date Palm Trees

Plan for Future Growth:

The palm tree that you purchase from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape will continue to grow. Depending on the variety that you purchase, the tree could max out at heights anywhere from 10’ with a Pygmy Date Palm to 50’ with a Silver Bismarckia Palm. Consider the maximum height for the palm tree being considered to ensure that the site will be appropriate. Surface features shouldn’t be the only item to consider, however. Power lines, septic tanks, and building foundations can be damaged by expansive root systems and canopies.

Consider the Vulnerability to Temperature:

Palms typically don’t react well to freezing temperatures. Exposure to frost and freezing weather will weaken trees and potentially damage them. When palms are vulnerable to cold, planting them with protection from North winds or beside bodies of water offer temperature stabilization to protect from frost. This area rarely experiences sustained freezing temperatures, but when they do occur, some palms will need protection.

Provide Appropriate Sun Exposure:

Every palm tree doesn’t have the same needs when it comes to sun exposure. Just as with other plants, some varieties need full sun exposure while others need shade. Before you shop with us, consider the landscape and establish the sun exposure patterns of the landscape to determine the best planting sites and palm tree varieties.

Plan to Meet Water and Drainage Demands:

Just as with sun exposure, the water and drainage demands of palm tree varieties will differ. Most palms require plenty of water, particular while becoming established. Depending on the palm chosen and the site for planting, you may need to establish an irrigation or drainage system.

Whether you need palm trees for residential or commercial landscaping in Southwest Florida, you’ll find plenty of healthy options available for sale right here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. Contact us at 239-645-1656 or drop into nursery in Punta Gorda to browse in person.

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