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With palm trees added to your Florida landscape, you can easily enhance the shade and scenery of your backyard. They’re natural to the region, dramatic in style, and versatile in type. If you’re looking for palm trees for sale in Fort Myers, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can be a comprehensive source, complete with guidance, product, and even installation.

Will You Need to Take Precautions after Purchase?

Palm Trees for Sale Fort MyersKnowing what to expect when you get home with your palm tree is important, especially if you don’t take advantage of our tree installation services. The transition from our farm or nursery to your property can be stressful to the tree, even with the most professional care provided.

With container palms, you can slowly introduce the palm to the full sun by leaving it out for a few hours a day or making sure to plant it under the filtered light of a shaded property or by using a shade cloth designed just for this purpose. Gradual acclimation to your property is the surest way to protect against burn.

For larger palms, planting in the permanent location must be approached professionally to prevent damage to the root ball. Since the palm trees you find at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape are company planted, nurtured, and sold, you don’t have to worry about your selection being non-native or vulnerable to the southwestern Florida heat. The palm trees you purchase from us shouldn’t have the initial problems that sometimes accompany greenhouse or shade-grown trees.

Is There a Best Time to Buy?

You might ask yourself when the best time to purchase and plant new palm trees for your landscape might be. In Southwest Florida, the possibility of freezing temperatures is small, but spring and summer are still the safest time of year. Your tree will likely still thrive when planted later in the year too.

If you’re worried about the unlikely possibility of freezing temperatures harming your investment, discuss it with one of our friendly staff members. They’ll be able to guide you to a hardy option that will meet your needs and provide an explanation of precautionary measures you might need to take.

How Can You Be Sure of Appropriate Soil?

In this area, you’re almost sure to have ideal soil for palms, but the further inland you live, the more care you’ll need to take. Palm trees require excellent drainage and will need to be watered regularly during the initial period following planting. If you’re unsure of your soil drainage, you can test it yourself or schedule one of our professional landscapers to come to your property and do it for you. If your soil has a heavy clay consistency, you’ll need to adjust it.

Testing your soil drainage is a simple matter. All that you’ll need to do is dig a hole about 1 ½ feet deep and quickly fill it with water. By monitoring how quickly the water drains, you’ll know if the drainage is adequate. This information is important to know before making your palm purchase and arranging for installation.

Incorporating new palm trees doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Schedule with Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for an on-property evaluation. We have palm trees for sale near Fort Myers in Punta Gorda, FL. For answers, plants, trees, or installation services, give us a call at 239-362-4327.

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