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Embrace the wonder of Florida living by incorporating palm trees and sunshine into your landscape. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers palm trees for sale in Cape Coral in addition to other landscape products, design services, and even installation assistance.

Landscape Remodeling: Gradual or Extreme Makeover Approach?

Palm Trees for Sale Cape CoralThe process of making over your landscape should obviously include palm trees, but the problem that homeowners can face is deciding how to approach the landscape remodel. While much of the work can be done fairly quickly, the speedy approach will require professional landscaping and cause a small bit of chaos.

The gradual approach is often preferred because it’s more appropriate for DIY-minded homeowners. Even though this process takes longer to complete, the stress will be lower. You’ll also have the freedom to shop around, finding the best plantings for your property. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is a great source for all of your plant, shrub, and tree needs whether your remodel is a race for the finish line or a gradual change.

Steps to anticipate:

  • Identify appropriate places within the property for a mature palm tree.
  • Test the drainage of the soil in this area.
  • Modify soil with sand and leach lines if required by testing results.
  • Install irrigation system.

Choosing the Right Palm Tree for Your Space

Placing palm trees in specific areas of your property is key to a Florida landscape, and we proudly offer palms in a variety of sizes and stages of maturity. From 8 to 25-feet, the best height tree for your situation can be easily found within our stock. With a palm tree from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, any public or private property’s landscape will feel complete. A few of the popular varieties in our stock include the Areca, Adonidia, Foxtail, Bismarckia, and Pygmy Date palm trees.

Choosing the right palm tree for your property should be logical. Note the space, its proximity to buildings and septic tanks, the purpose of the planting, and the amount of sunshine the area gets. Since you can predict the future size and aesthetics of the palm you purchase, it’s easier to make predictions and plan ahead.

Arranging your palm trees takes just a bit of common-sense planning. Clearly, the smaller varieties, like the Pygmy Date palm, should be in the foreground, and the gigantic options, like the Silver Bismarckia, need plenty of space for root and canopy expansion.

Making Your Purchases

Once you’ve prepared your property and chosen the varieties you need, the time to shop will come. Whether you browse our stock in person at our nursery in Punta Gorda or delegate the responsibility to your professional landscaping team, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape welcomes the chance to provide you with thriving, company-grown palm trees of the type and size you need.

We care for our trees from seed to maturity with expertise and passion, and we offer tree transportation and installation. As you look for palm trees for sale in the Cape Coral area, you’ll find no better source than Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. No matter how you approach your landscape changes, immediately with professional remodeling magic, gradually doing most of the work yourself, or somewhere in between, count on us to provide a pest-free, quality tree that will flourish within your property.

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