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The palm tree nursery at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is the right source for palms when updating landscape design. We make it easy to shop local, finding palms near you and me that will thrive here in the Southwest Florida climate and its sandy soil.

Palm Tree Nursery Near MeBeltran’s Nursery and Landscape proudly and passionately grows several types of palm trees where we farm our trees. Our experience and dedication lead us to provide comprehensive protection from disease and pests. Landscapers, designers, and do-it-yourselfers alike will appreciate the diversity and quality of our palm selection.

Plan Before Purchasing and Planting

The tropical aesthetic of your landscape will be defined by the palm trees you choose, but you must have a plan before buying and planting them. Each variety has features that will have an impact on the functionality, future outlook, and successful appearance of your design.

Elements of your plan should include considering the following:

  • Soil drainage
  • Sun exposure
  • Wind exposure
  • Nearby water sources
  • Irrigation requirements
  • Soil nutrition requirements
  • Appropriate maximum tree heights

Palm Trees Create Shade – Quite a Benefit for Southwest Florida

Shade is an investment that takes time to pay off. The more you invest, the larger tree you can purchase, but in most instances, full shade will take years to develop. As you shop, consider the maximum height and breadth of the tree you’re purchasing to make sure that you don’t overwhelm the space or destroy your home’s foundation or septic field.

When your budget allows, keep in mind that older trees handle the shock of transport better than younger, smaller, and more vulnerable options. They also cost more, though and require professional installation. Come check out our tree farm or nursery to get an idea of the variety possible when planning palm tree landscaping.

Our top selling palm trees include Areca, Foxtail, Silver Bismarckia, Adonidia, and Pygmy Date Palm varieties. These trees provide several landscaping solutions based upon different features of the specimen.

Areca Palm Trees

  • Grow at moderate speeds
  • Thrive in tropical environments
  • Tolerate drought
  • Feature wide canopy growth with thick, leafy fronds
  • Function as a superior material for privacy, dust filtration, and wind protection
  • Widely used across South Florida

Adonidia Palm Trees

  • Commonly called the Christmas Palm because of the white blooms and red berries that display during early winter
  • Work as part of a planting group
  • Grow to medium heights

Foxtail Palm Trees

  • Named for appearance of fronds similar to fox’s tails
  • Require minimal care due to self-cleaning fronds
  • Plant southward or near a pond, lake, or other body of water

Silver Bismarckia Palm Trees

  • Called the fan palm due to the way fronds extend from a central point
  • Grow to gigantic heights and require space to handle future growth

Pygmy Date Palm Trees

  • Also referred to by Phoenix Robelenii
  • Grow slowly to a max height of 10 feet
  • Accent for small patios, yards, or near buildings in alcove or empty spaces

Knowing that the palm trees you purchase for clients or your own landscape will grow well is as simple as striving to buy from a “palm tree nursery near me.” This search should ultimately guide you to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. To discover more about available palm trees, to make a purchase, or to schedule design or delivery services, call us today at 239-362-4327.

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