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Palm trees are ubiquitous to Florida for a reason. They’re grown natively, have a majestic bearing, provide striking aesthetics, and come in a range of heights for various purposes. The uses of palms for your Punta Gorda, Florida landscape are many, and Beltran’s Landscape and Nursery, your local palm tree nursery provides an excellent source for well-formed and healthy trees.

10 Ideas for Effective Landscaping with Palm Trees:

Palm Tree Nursery in Punta Gorda

  1. Line your drive with a row of palms, directing the flow of movement toward the home or parking area.
  2. Create a focal element for your landscape.
  3. Highlight the height of the home or a particular architectural feature.
  4. Shade the home or yard, lowering energy costs and maximizing comfortable enjoyment.
  5. Protect the property from wind and weather damage.
  6. Design a natural screen of privacy via a row of trees.
  7. Emphasize the architectural style of the property through the placement of the trees in straight rows or symmetrical groupings.
  8. Provide balance throughout the landscape.
  9. Add depth, texture, and interest to your landscape design.
  10. Make your Florida a real subtropical paradise.

Choosing the best palm trees for your landscape is key, and this decision is best undertaken with guidance and advice from professionals in the industry. If you consult with our staff, you’ll be well prepared to make the best purchase for your residential or commercial property. Different varieties of palm trees work for different purposes, so consider our array of offerings closely.

Our 5 Most Popular Palm Trees

Areca Palms
An excellent for creating privacy and screening from wind or sand, and the Areca Palm grows well in our region. We offer trees at various stages of growth, depending on your budget and landscaping needs. These trees deal well with drought and grow at a moderate rate.

Adonidia Palms
A shorter variety of palm that provides the tropical look for a reasonable price. Also called the Christmas Palm, this option is a popular choice. They have a powerful aesthetic in groupings and grow well, particularly when proper fertilization, water, and weeding are applied.

Foxtail Palms
Known for the coppery band left behind when leaves fall. They have a classic palm tree aesthetic with a touch of something special. Since sustained freezing temperatures can damage the tree, make sure that you choose to plant these along the coast in Punta Gorda or toward Pine Island. Transplanting these beauties fully grown is possible when experts from our team handle the dig and replant.

Silver Bismarckia
Also known as the fan palm, is a majestic tree. Once these are acclimated to your landscape, they’re low maintenance and quite remarkable. The key to incorporating these into your landscape is to consider placement. Since the roots and canopies both grow wide, try to project future growth when determining the best place for it to grow.

Pygmy Date Palms
Ideal for a smaller yard or a grouping design. They’re hardy and easily grown. These trees are safe investments for your landscape considering the ratio of investment as well as the benefits of flexibility, convenience, and hardiness.

Finding the perfect palm tree for your Punta Gorda, Florida landscape requires finding the perfect palm tree nursery. Here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, we’ll consider how you plan to use your purchase and make appropriate suggestions based on this understanding. Beyond that, we’ll make sure that the tree is transplanted according to best practices, arming you with the surest potential for success with your landscaping choice. Contact the palm tree professionals at 239-362-4327 or pay us a visit on Taylor Road to learn more about landscaping with palms.


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