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The perfect companion to Florida sunshine, sand, and sea is the palm tree! Distinctly tropical, the beachy atmosphere is only made stronger when a palm tree is in view. If you’re looking for palm tree installation services for your individual or bulk purchase of palms around the Port Charlotte, Florida area, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape has the experience and equipment you need.

Palm Tree Installation Services Port Charlotte, FloridaPalm trees are ubiquitous in Florida, but planting them isn’t necessary simple. Palm trees, when being transported, are incredibly vulnerable. Damage to the root ball and stress on the tree can actually harm it, making your choice of tree installer all the more important.

To protect your investment, call us here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscaping. Our expertise will increase the likelihood that your tree thrives in its new home.

The Problem with Planting Palm Trees

Transplanting palm trees can be difficult because the tree trunks and roots are thin, and they require soil that drains very well. Stress on the root ball can have a serious effect on the health of the tree. Minimizing stress and avoiding damage require professional installation services.

During the palm tree move, many dangers can lead to significant tree damage. If the trunk or the roots are hurt, the resulting harm will take a long time to heal. If the tree is planted wrong – even if you have good intentions – it could take longer to become acclimated or even die. For the healthiest, hardiest outcomes, call Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for professionally supplied installation services.

The Solution Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape Provides

Whether you have a single palm tree to be installed or have a bulk order for a community or property-wide project, the company that supplies installation services should be experienced. We at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can identify the right areas for planting – as well as the wrong ones. Our decades long history has provided us with more than adequate practice. We know what works well, and we use the best equipment and personnel available to get it done.

The root ball of a palm tree is critical. When transplanting, roots should never be pulled from the ground. Instead, they should be cut clear. The mass of roots is called the root ball and should be covered and protected. The tree should never be carried by the trunk because the force of gravity pulls too much on the root ball. The tree should be transported by supporting the roots from underneath.

Kubota tractors are the sole type of equipment used by Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. These tractors minimize the stress on our trees, allowing us to protect them better during the transition to their new homes.

Tree acclimation doesn’t end when the roots are in the hole and covered. Regular watering will be required for quite a while.

No matter the number of trees you need to plant or how large they happen to be, count on the passionate experts here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to provide extraordinary installation services for your palm tree purchase.

Reach out to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape at 239-645-1656 if you’d like to learn more about arranging for purchase and installation services for a palm tree or trees in Port Charlotte, Florida.

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