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If anybody tells you landscape design is easy, know that he or she is either lying or has far fewer years of experience and education than the professionals that work in design here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. We’re able to help plan “outdoor rooms” where the plants and trees are as important as the outdoor furnishings to your Punta Gorda home and lifestyle.

Embrace the Outdoor Lifestyle

Outdoor Furnishings Punta GordaToday’s outdoor spaces are used for far more than a kids’ game of kickball and the occasional cookout. Families today gather outside for meals and quality time in addition to all sorts of daily activities that used to occur inside. With the new turn to outdoor living, the furniture should reflect the activities pursued in the area while also creating a welcoming and stylistically consistent aesthetic.

The furniture needed for your outdoor spaces should match your lifestyle. If you don’t entertain large groups of guests, you won’t need a large dining set. However, if you enjoy lounging with a book, you should include a comfortable outdoor sofa or lounger. Plan for your family, potential guests, and your lifestyle goals.

The particular patio or other outdoor space that you’re furnishing will have its own influencing features on your furniture choice. The size and dimensions will clearly dictate the size of the furniture and its placement. Be sure to leave walking room and design for an efficient walk through. In Southwest Florida, you should make sure that all furniture chosen is easily cleaned and resistant to fading, staining, and corrosion.

Shade is a necessary element of any outdoor scheme in this region. The protection might occur naturally from surrounding trees, or it could come from a covered porch or an installed pergola. You can also choose to screen or curtain the porch interior from the afternoon sun. Doing so can make it possible to enjoy the outdoor area all day.

Additional features you can incorporate into your landscape design include fire features, lighting, water features, area rugs, pillows, storage, and other decorative elements.

Landscape Design with Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape

Venture outdoors to your landscaped spaces and be proud when Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape handles the design. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced, ready to customize your landscape according to your preferences while staying true to the demands of the property, the climate, and the neighborhood.

We will use plantings and trees appropriately to define boundaries and protect from cold, wind, dust, and exposure. As we design your landscape, keep in mind that unless you purchase mature trees, the fullness of your design could take five years to appear.

Repetition and symmetry of color and shape are also critical to landscaping. These elements are as true to outdoor furnishings as they are to plantings. Our team is able to choose separate elements that will work for the property and alongside one another.

Landscape design through Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape will result in appropriately chosen and planted plants and trees along with the best outdoor furnishings identified. Your Punta Gorda landscape can be made complete with the expertise, products, and services that we’re ready to provide. Further information and answers can be had with a simple call to 239-362-4327. Whether you’d like a full on-site consultation and plan or a few answers in response to photographs of your patio, we’re happy to oblige!

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