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While the vision of a perfected landscape might leave you breathless, the manual labor involved will as well – not in a good way. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape when it’s time for landscape installation services in Punta Gorda, Florida. We offer an array of services from laying sod or mulch to bringing in large palms. When your landscaping plans call for miraculous results, rely on professionals with the equipment, know-how, and follow through needed to get the job done well the first time.

Landscape Installation Services in Punta Gorda


Making sure that planting beds and areas around vulnerable trees is important far beyond the aesthetic components. Mulch keeps temperatures stable, helps retain water, and prevents weeds that would compete for nutrients against the plants in question. However, most home and business owners lack the time and equipment needed for large mulch projects. By calling on the professionals who have the heavy equipment and on-hand products, not to mention the expertise and experience, your mulch work will be done quickly and appropriately, without unforeseen property damage often caused by neglect or inexperience.

We offer two types of mulch for your home projects; consider them both in light of your home’s landscape design and other relevant features.

  • Wood bark mulch: has a natural, woodsy aesthetic and is offered in many colors. It’s also low maintenance but will need to be replaced annually.
  • Rock: provides a beachy, modern look in several colors as well. The installation of this mulching material is more complex, but the only maintenance required is weed treatment.


Reducing the heat in Southwest Florida is a common goal, so homeowners are often interested in this advantage of laying sod. Having a grass-filled yard is effective at reducing temperatures, and the aesthetic benefits are also clear. However, installing and making sure that the sod holds is not easy. We offer this service because we understand that an investment in landscape doesn’t stop with purchasing materials. In addition of offering many varieties of sod, including Bahia, St. Augustine, Floratam, Bermuda, and more, we also offer professional installation provided by those who care about results.

Tree Installation

When you choose Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to facilitate your installation of citrus, palm, or shade trees, you greatly increase the likelihood of a successful transplantation. While our trees are grown with care on our site on Pine Island, any living thing, even ones that are thriving, can be damaged by neglectful or untrained movers. Whether you are integrating small or large trees, make sure that the planting is successful. We come with the equipment and skill necessary to install your trees carefully. We won’t damage your yard, your purchased trees, or existing landscaping.

The environment of your landscape is greatly affected by the materials composing your property’s design. By choosing greenery, you lower the temperature around your home, making it more comfortable and reducing cooling costs. While making these choices, however, part of your decision process should include a consideration of installation. Here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, we offer years of experience and knowledge, backed by professional dedication and appropriate machinery. You’ll have no stress with this hands-free approach to landscaping. Whether you simply lack a green thumb or just want it done right, call on us to handle your landscaping installation service in Punta Gorda, Florida.

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