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First impressions matter. The grounds surrounding your home are the source for the first impressions made when family members, friends, and other guests arrive. Whether you’re preparing for party season, a home sale, or simply want your Charlotte County property to look beautiful, landscape design services can help you enjoy top-dollar curb appeal. For capable, proven, and dedicated service, call on your neighbors here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

Landscape Design Services Charlotte CountyThe landscape style most appropriate for a home really depends on the preferences of the homeowner. Your landscape can be as traditionally or personally designed as you’d like, but most landscapes in Southwest Florida will include planting beds. Integrating an appropriate tropical feel requires them. We can help make sure that your priorities remain top of mind when choosing plantings that have the ability to thrive, project balance, and unify with other landscape options.

Designing planting beds can be a complex task, but it all begins with a choice between a border design or an island one. The border option is, as it sounds, in the foreground of the home, a fence, or other solid structure. Since these gardens are visible from a single perspective, they’re simpler to plan.

Island planting beds are generally more difficult to design because you have to consider how they look from all angles. Instead of a backdrop, these beds have a centering feature, whether it’s a larger tree, bench, or other garden feature.

Both types of flower beds should be proportional. A border flower bed should have an appropriate width for its length, but this type is usually expected to be fairly narrow.

An island style planting bed can be whatever shape suits the style of your landscape. Often, the shape will mirror other features within the yard or on the home’s exterior. These beds can vary in size depending on the centering feature. For example, a huge oak centering an island bed will require a larger diameter planting bed than one around a fencepost.

Planting beds will include three tiers of heights: a tall, medium, and short level of plants. However, these plantings won’t be displayed in meticulous rows but in groupings. The plants should also convey a depth of texture and color within the bed. In border beds, the taller plants are in the back with the shorter ones in the front, while in island style beds, the tallest plants will be in the center with the shorter ones extending outward.

The landscape design plan that will make your ideal landscape vision become a reality requires a close eye for detail and an educated and experienced hand. While nothing stops you from designing it all yourself, having a bit of guidance is always helpful when you’re working on something so important.

If you’re looking for landscape design services in Charlotte County, look no further than Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. While we proudly offer the best trees, plants, and shrubs for the Southwest Florida region, we also provide landscape design and installation services. With little time and even less effort, your landscape can be worthy of the impression you hope to make on your neighbors and friends, protecting your home’s value and your entertaining goals.

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