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Complement the flowers and plants within your garden with furnishings. The efforts put into your Port Charlotte garden deserve to be fully appreciated with a nice seating or dining area. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape provides help with design, so feel free to pick our brains when choosing your new plants or arranging for mulching, sodding, or other landscaping services.

Create a Garden Worthy of Furnishing

Garden Furnishings Port CharlotteTo achieve a garden that you’re proud of and find worthy of using as a backdrop for company and best-life living, you’ll need to work hard, or have us do it for you. Flowering plants, shade plants, and shrubs can define and decorate your outdoor spaces, and we offer a bountiful stock of disease and pest free, healthy specimen. With your choice of mulch and greenery from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, you can quickly have a garden that’s ready to receive the right choice of furnishings.

Furnish According to Activity

The activities that you plan for your garden space will dictate the furnishings that you should consider.

Outdoor Dining

An outdoor design plan for entertainment and family enjoyment should include durable and appealing outdoor dining furniture. While a table and chairs are all you really need to set up your outdoor dining space, you can compliment the design even further with lighting, shade, and additional accessories. Some homeowners even choose to add an outdoor kitchen to their property with a grill, pizza oven, or other cooking appliances.  The space can be as simple or glamorous as you like, but the star should remain the garden itself.

Outdoor Relaxation

As relaxing as gardeners find working on their outdoor spaces, a well-outfitted garden can be a great place to relax and just be. Garden furnishings that promote relaxation include a hammock, comfortable outdoor couch, a swing chair, and more. Whether you enjoy a glass of wine, a page-turning book, or the fragrant breeze from your flowers, your garden can be a haven of rest.

Use as an Extension of Your Home

Your garden space can be an area where you live. Pursuing hobbies, working from home, crafting with the kids, or participating in any other activity will be better remembered and enjoyed when completed from your sweetly scented, beautifully designed and furnished garden.

Current conditions require that we stay home as much as possible. With a beautifully outfitted garden, you can do so without feeling like you’re sacrificing a thing. Make quarantine pleasant by enjoying your garden, getting fresh air, and feeling less confined. The small things can make a significant difference, and we know where to focus your efforts to have the greatest impact.

A garden that includes an array of well-kept flowering plants, shade plants, and shrubs will be well-defined, colorful, and a definite improvement to your South Florida home. We can also be an excellent source for palm, citrus, and shade trees as well design services, mulching, sodding, and tree installation. Our passion is to make every landscape in this area beautiful.

Stop in at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to update your plants, mulch, and other garden features when you plan to buy furnishings for your Port Charlotte outdoor spaces. We have the experience and knowledge needed to advise you on the best style and type of accessories for your outdoor oasis. Give us a call today to discuss all the ways that we can help improve your landscape:  239-362-4327.

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