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Foxtail palms are native to Australia but grow remarkably well in the warmest parts of the US, particularly in areas around Southwest Florida. Your landscape will benefit from the addition of these lovely, low-maintenance, substantial trees. To see for yourself, stop in at our nursery or tree farm. The professionals at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can offer a thriving tree along with design and care guidance!

Well-Suited for Southwest Florida

Foxtail PalmsThe growing requirements of the Foxtail palm make it a good choice for landscapes in Southwest Florida. The trees tolerate salt spray and wind and can be grown in any type of soil that drains well and isn’t highly acidic.

You can grow Foxtails as a single or multiple trunk specimen. As the name indicates, the fronds grow as a full bushy display. To top off the substantial aesthetic, expect a large growing beauty. Because the Foxtail palm grows quickly and reaches heights of 30 feet, it’s best to choose this tree for a large landscape.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape Is a Great Source for Purchase

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers a strong history and established reputation as evidence of the quality trees and service that you can expect to find here. From seed to sapling and beyond, you’ll find the tree that’s perfect for your landscape whether your budget and plans demand a full-grown beauty or a smaller, less mature tree.

No matter the situation, whether you plan to start your tree as a container bound specimen or plant outdoors immediately, your Foxtail palm tree needs to be protected from cold weather and northern winds.

Making Your Tree Thrive

For fastest and fullest growth, the Foxtail palm should receive full sun exposure, but the tree will also do well in areas of partial shade.

The humid air of Southwest Florida is ideal for this type of palm, and once established, the tree will require only regular watering. Let the fronds fall off when they’re ready since it signals to the tree to produce new ones, and don’t stress about salt spray and slight drought conditions. This hardy beauty will thrive through it all!

Mulch is another step that will help your Foxtail palm thrive. While the mulch shouldn’t come up against the trunk of the tree, its presence over the roots will encourage moisture retention, discourage weed growth, and provide protection from an errant lawn tractor.

Plant for Growth and Beauty

An element that may seem unimportant but is actually critical to the life of your tree is distance. Leaving room now, when planting, will keep you from damaging buildings, septic lines, or power lines in the future. In addition to having great heights and large root systems, these trees may bow over time, so keep that in mind.

Deciding where to plant your Foxtail palm should also focus on purpose. These trees are frequently used to indicate property lines, accent driveways, complement buildings and pools, and center the landscape as a focal point.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers an array of homegrown, pest and disease free, thriving Foxtail palm trees in all stage of development. To make an appointment, call 239-362-4327 or stop by anytime. You’re always welcome at either of our locations. We can supply the tree, care guidance, transportation, and even installation services to make your grand landscape design even easier to achieve.

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