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Southwest Florida living should include a healthy amount of sun and fun. One of the many fringe benefits to living in this locale is homegrown fruit for your household. Choose the citrus trees for sale in the Fort Myers area from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. You’ll be impressed with the great variety of our stock as well as the top-notch quality of each specimen.

Citrus trees are a great addition to your landscape! They don’t require a high degree of care, and they provide sweet, fresh, juicy citrus fruits for your family to enjoy and share. The pretty aesthetic of the bright green leaves and beautiful blossoms is matched only by the clean and fresh fragrance of growing citrus.

Plan Before You Shop

Before you head down to our location at either Punta Gorda or on Pine Island, educate yourself about attributes that will affect the growth and productivity of your citrus tree purchase. We make it easy for the DIY minded homeowner, the professional landscaper, or the novice who’d just like a bit of guidance.

Plan for Future Growth

The citrus tree that you purchase will grow to be much bigger. The location where your citrus tree should live ought to be have a 15-foot circumference that’s free from interference. Structures like septic tanks below ground, homes at ground level, and power lines above ground level all stand to become issues down the road as your tree’s roots, height, and canopy grow.

Plan for Sufficient Sunlight

The pattern of sunshine in your landscape should also inform your citrus tree purchase. A critical component of your tree’s growth, sunshine should be an optimized part of your tree’s environment. Ideally, you’ll find a place as far south as possible, near water, and screened from the north.

Plan Realistically

The number of citrus trees that you bring into your backyard will depend on how much space you have. You may have a single, small container-bound citrus or a full orchard. Each tree should have a minimum of 15 foot spacing, running north to south.

Plan for the Taste You Prefer

If you choose to shop with us, you’ll have plenty of options. Purchase and plant the tangelo, lemon, orange, or citrus cocktail tree of your choice. Given this great variety, you and your family could participate in a bit of taste testing before shopping.

Plan for Growing Requirements

Once you know the type of citrus you’d like to grow and where you should plant it, the shopping can commence. However, you should be prepared to do what it will take to make sure that the healthy specimen you purchase continues to thrive. In the beginning, plentiful water, regular application of citrus fertilizer, and consistent care will lead to a bountifully productive and beautiful citrus tree.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape has provided residents, business owners, and landscapers with citrus trees for sale in Fort Myers for over three decades. Our trees and plants will grow well in the Southwest Florida environment. You can call or stop in at your convenience to browse our stock of healthy, disease-free plants and trees. Call 239-362-4327 for more information, to schedule a consultation or delivery, or for help with questions about making your purchases fulfill your landscaping goals.

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