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Let us introduce an incredible nursery and tree farm with citrus trees for sale in Cape Coral. Offering an array of citrus trees, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is happy to provide homeowners and landscapers with tangelo, lemon, orange, and cocktail trees. Our stock of specimen is just right for the subtropical Florida environment. We can provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the tree purchase and planting experience.

Protection during Transport and Planting

Citrus Trees for Sale Cape CoralOnce you’ve purchased your tree, you’ll need to get it home. Whether you allow our tree service professionals to handle it for you or you get the job done yourself, transporting trees is a job that demands protective actions. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape uses Kubota equipment to move and plant your trees with minimal stress during planting.

The root ball is sensitive to damage. Carrying a tree by its trunk or removing the covering from the roots before planting can harm your tree before it’s even planted.

Protection from Deficient Planting or Soil

The citrus tree root ball provides the measurement needed for the hole. While the hole can be slightly wider than the root ball, the height should be the same as the root system. When planting, remember to elevate the tree a bit because it will settle over time. The soil where the tree is planted must drain exceptionally well and should have appropriate levels of nutrients.

Protect the Soil’s Nutrient Level

The right level of nutrients for the soil where you’re planting your citrus tree can be achieved by applying a citrus specific fertilizer. Your tree will actually require three applications per year to maintain prime nutrient levels. Organic material around the tree and a layer of mulch can also help preserve nutrient levels for your tree’s growth. If you’re concerned about the nutrient level, you can have your soil tested or call on the professionals here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to schedule a landscaping consultation.

Protection from Insufficient Water

  • Water heavily immediately after planting
  • Keep the leaves and roots constantly moist until tree is established
  • Consider scoring a root bound system to promote absorption of water
  • Continue watering regularly so that roots never completely dry
  • Do not allow the roots to remain overly saturated
  • Check for moisture by feeling for soil dampness a few inches deep within the soil

Protection from Pests and Weeds

Provide protection for your citrus investment from anything in the environment that could limit growth and productivity. In addition to providing water, sun, and fertilizer, you’ll need to keep pests and weeds away from your tree. The six feet around your tree should be weed free; many tree owners use mulch to shield the space from weeds.

Bugs and animals are the type of pests that can harm the fruit and even kill your citrus tree. If you have an issue with animals in your yard, make sure that the measures you use to protect your trees don’t harm the pets who live within the community. Protecting your tree from these hazards will require some pesticide, but only after the tree actually produces.

Your guide to successful growing of citrus can be as close as Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. We offer citrus trees for sale in Cape Coral as well as tree service and landscaping consultations. When growing trees isn’t in your wheelhouse, but you want to add some fragrant and juicy citrus to your landscape, let us help. It all begins by stopping in or calling us at 239-362-4327.

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