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The complete Florida landscape aesthetic should include citrus trees. The stunning, thick greenery and fresh scent will pack quite a punch for your yard’s effect. To find the best citrus trees for sale, look no further than Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. You’ll find a wide range of options in all stages of development and at the height of health.

Citrus Trees for SaleWhether your search for citrus is motivated by landscape aesthetics or the desire to have fresh fruit right outside your back door, the trees will be a valuable addition to your property. Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about improving local landscapes and growing healthy specimen. From landscape design to tree installation, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is prepared to offer full service.

The Citrus Tree Choices We Offer

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape cultivates our trees on-site, so buyers can be confident in the trees’ ability to grow in our tropical climate. Several citrus trees are found within our stock for a remarkable landscape addition.

Tangelo Trees are a hybrid of tangerines and grapefruits. Homeowners like yourself will find that they’re highly adaptable to various yard conditions. They can hold up against an occasional cool snap, but they must have good draining soil. For best results and a larger crop of fruit, plant two trees facing south.

Orange Trees are synonymous with Southwest Florida, and residents ought to embrace it! Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape provides container-bound orange trees. You will need to provide plenty of sun, good-draining soil, and ample clear space around the tree both above and below ground for the canopy and roots to grow.

Lemon Trees should be planted in a southward direction and thoroughly protected when frost occurs. The tree will need ample sun, mulch, and weekly watering for maximum potential growth. The lemons you grow will be worth the wait of at least 3 years before the first lemon appears. Nurture your Florida lifestyle, and you’ll have afternoons made perfect by fresh-squeezed lemonade straight from your own backyard!

Cocktail Trees are surprising wonders of fruit production! These special trees are grafted with a combination of different citrus trees including limes, tangerines, oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Cocktail trees are often used as a decorative addition to the patio. Growers may find it convenient to transfer these trees between indoors and outdoors by keeping the trees within wheeled containers.

Citrus trees offer your landscape the perfect combination of sensory enhancement. Shade your yard while gaining fresh citrus scent, fresh fruit, and the pleasing green of a healthy landscape.

We can provide help every step along the way. Our landscape design service can identify the right areas for your trees to grow, and our staff is happy to walk you through each option and choose the best possible specimen. Even further, we provide tree installation service and mulching.

Those in the market for the perfect citrus trees for sale can find what they’re looking for at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. Our passion for growing and selling quality plants and trees will greatly benefit your landscaping needs. We offer over thirty years of experience, knowledgeable staff, disease- and pest-free plants and trees, and tree installation and service. Call 239-362-4327 or visit out location in Punta Gorda, Florida.

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