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Welcome to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, the best option when you’re looking for citrus fruit trees for sale. We stock a variety of tangelo, orange, lemon, and cocktail trees, all of which are ideal for our hot, Florida climate. Finding the right tree for your landscape is only half the battle, though. The real challenge will begin after purchase.

Handle with Care

When you’re handling your tree, be careful. You shouldn’t lift or carry the tree by the trunk since it can put undue pressure on the roots. Further, you should be sure that the root ball is resting in its final home before cutting the root-covering to plant it.

If this level of care is outside your scope, consider using Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for tree installation. We have the equipment, expertise, and manpower to protect your tree during transport.

Water Immediately after Planting

A newly planted tree will require a heavy load of water. The leaves and roots will both need to remain moist to keep the tree functioning in a healthy fashion. Because the root ball includes multiple surface roots, you should make sure that the roots are watered immediately, sufficiently, and frequently. For a root ball that is bound, you might create a few scores on the ball to promote water absorption.

Plant Appropriately

The hole for your citrus tree should be the right depth for the root ball even though it can be slightly wider. Most areas will have the right drainage but might require fertilizer. The application should be to the soil without applying directly to the roots. After planting, you can then apply organic matter or mulch instead of mixing with the soil used to fill the planting hole.

Your tree should also be elevated somewhat because of inevitable settling, and your placement of dirt around the tree should be careful, leaving no gaps for air. The citrus tree will need a snug home for its roots to become established as quickly as possible.

Continue Applying Water

Once planted, make sure that your roots don’t dry out completely. The soil should be damp without being saturated, so you should water thoroughly and regularly, but also carefully. Too little will lead to death from dryness, and too much will lead to root rot. You can check the water level by feeling deep into the soil using your finger as a probe.

Fertilize When Appropriate

Your citrus tree will need three applications of fertilizer once growing begins. An appropriate citrus fertilizer will suffice.

Protect Your Tree from Pests

Insects and animals can be hazardous to the growth of your citrus tree. Experts suggest not spraying for fruit-eating insects until the tree actually bears fruit, and care should be taken that small animals are eliminated without harming area pets.

Protect Your Tree from Weeds

For maximum growth, you should not allow weeds to grow up around the tree. A six-foot circumference around the tree should be maintained without weeds. Mulch is generally considered the best way to achieve this goal.

Consider the above information as a guide to follow after purchasing the citrus fruit trees we offer for sale. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape also provides landscape services if this to-do list seems overly daunting. To schedule an appointment, call us at 239-362-4327.

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