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Reasons to love living in Florida are numerous: the beach, the sun, the warmth, the lifestyle, and many more, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked is the ability to grow your own fruit. Whether you have a single fruit tree or several, make sure that tangerine trees make your list as you buy from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Punta Gorda.

What Makes a Tangerine Tree Special?

Buy Tangerine Trees Punta GordaThe tangerine tree is a marvelous citrus specimen. A variety of mandarin, the fruit the tree bears is thin-skinned and sweeter than an orange. The trees themselves are evergreen, so they provide beautiful greenery year-round. This unique citrus deserves a place in your landscape.

Attributes to Know about Citrus Trees:

  • Average height is 10-15 feet, but heights of 25 feet are possible
  • Trees require full sun exposure
  • Soil must drain well
  • Appropriate for USDA Zones 9-11

Planting Tips for Your Tangerine Tree

If you purchase a tangerine tree, we’re happy to provide tree planting service, or you can plant it yourself. For multiple trees, space them 10 feet apart. Consider these steps as you contemplate the process.

Step One – Mix compost in with your soil prior to planting to prepare the soil for our tree.

Step Two – When digging your hold, consider the root ball and dig it double the width and the same depth. Install the tree in the center and check the roots for tangles, loosening them. Return the dirt to the hole until an inch of the roots remain above the top of the soil.

Step Three – Water the tree thoroughly.

Step Four – During the first two years, you should water enough to keep the soil damp but never soggy. For young trees, this often means watering a foot deep. Older trees should be watered less frequently. Allowing them to dry two inches deep and then watering 2-3 feet deep is considered best practice.

Step Five – Fertilizing trees should start the very first spring after being installed in their new home. A citrus fertilizer is appropriate, with three separate applications.

Step Six – Mulch is another appropriate step to care for your tangerine tree. A 2-3-inch coverage will protect your tree, and the mulch should be reapplied every spring.

Step Seven – Pruning should be limited to dead and damaged branches as well as pesky sprouts and suckers. The process should happen in early spring.

Step Eight – Before the tree reaches its third year, remove all fruit. Doing so will keep the energy of the tree focused on strengthening and developing. In later years, you should harvest crops to keep the weight from breaking branches.

Identifying the Superior Source for Your Tree

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers over 30 years of experience growing and selling fruit, shade, and palm trees as well as plants and shrubs. We grow what we sell, and we’re committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. The connection we have to our trees doesn’t end when they leave our lot. We’re here to help make your tree installation successful.

A few services we offer include:

  • Landscape design
  • Tree installation
  • Mulching
  • Sodding

If you’re looking for a unique method of contributing scent, flavor, and value to your landscape, buy tangerine trees from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Punta Gorda. We’re here to help your landscape grow aesthetically and valuably.

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