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Growing your own sweet fruit on your Florida property is far easier than you think. A tangelo tree provides a dependable, straightforward, and affordable way to grow your own fruit easily. If you’re looking for the best place to buy tangelo trees in Punta Gorda, come see us at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for the perfect combination of quality and service.

Choose Tangelo Trees Because…

The tangelo fruit is the epitome of delicious sweetness. It’s juicy and a perfect treat for a sunny afternoon or alongside a healthy breakfast.

The easily peeled skin makes tangelos a favorite of moms and kids. Imagine the tree-to-table freshness that’s possible when your tangelo tree produces your family’s favorite afterschool snack! You’ll save money while your family eats healthier and you will decrease your carbon footprint.

Tangelo trees combine the properties of tangerines and grapefruits. The tree produces a seedless combination of enhanced sweet and tangy flavors.

The tangelo tree is a healthy plant that resists disease and pests that are common to other citrus trees, making them easier to grow and maintain than other citrus options.

Choose Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape Because…

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape monitors the growth of all of our trees. In addition to tangelo trees, we offer orange, lemon, and cocktail trees. You can be confident in the health of any tree purchased from us because we plant, nurture, and inspect every tree to ensure that we offer superior quality products.

Our customer service is similarly superior. Our staff is informative and helpful, offering guidance during shopping, planting, care, and even harvesting. We’ll provide the level of service you need, allowing you to be as hands on or off as you’d like while growing your tangelos.

We have the equipment and staff to carefully and appropriately plant your trees and install mulch regardless of the size or type of tree you’re purchasing.

Important Care Tips

Taking care of your tangelo tree will be fairly simple. You’ll need to water your trees weekly during the first year as the root system grows adequate and the tree becomes acclimated. Your basic goal will be to keep the soil consistently damp without being soggy.

Fertilizer is yet another element that will help your tangelo thrive. In the early spring, you should apply citrus tree fertilizer to promote full growth potential throughout the season.

Another element that you need to include in your maintenance process is pruning. By removing dead or damaged branches, you’ll provide better air flow to the tree’s canopy and, by removing any sprouts from around the base of the tangelo tree, you’ll help the tree concentrate its efforts on bearing fruit.

Winter can pose a danger for tangelo trees. A hard freeze can seriously damage your tree, so be sure to wrap the tree if cold weather threatens. Another option is to grow your tree within a wheeled pot and bring it in and out of doors during winter months. We don’t see many cold days in this area, so be sure that one isolated incident doesn’t ruin your love affair with the juicy fruit the tree produces.

If you’re looking for an easy and tasty way to provide your home with fresh fruit, come to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to buy tangelo trees. Our location in Pine Island offers remarkable specimens of a variety of citrus, shade, and palm trees in addition to all sorts of shrubs and plants. For more information, call 239-362-4327 to begin the process of enjoying truly homegrown fruit.

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