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Maximize the value and lifestyle of your property! All you need to do is buy and plant shade trees from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Punta Gorda. Purchase from us to start with a healthy and disease-free tree and have all the knowledge you might need to make sure that it thrives.

Think Before You Buy

Planning out the purposes of any purchase is always a good idea regardless of the product in question. When the topic of your shopping venture is landscaping trees, that planning step becomes essential. Elements that will influence your plan include the climate, soil, and space demands as well as the potential size of the tree and the goal of keeping the unity of the entire landscape sure.

A Natural Canopy for a Comfortable Cool

The canopy of shade trees is the highlight of their presence on your property. Able to reduce the temperature on your property by 20 degrees, shade trees are great, money-saving, comfort-enhancing additions to your property.

At Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, you’ll find magnolia trees, shady lady trees, live oak trees, and crepe myrtle trees, among other beautiful, climate-appropriate shade trees.

Plan for the Right Amount of Sun Exposure

For a tree to thrive, it will require specific amounts of sun exposure. This demand will determine where your trees will grow best. If you want your shade tree to reach the maximum potential growth, you must place it in prime position. Be careful, though, because some tree species will suffer if placed in too much direct sunlight. The helpful, knowledgeable staff here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is prepared to help. We even offer on-site landscape design services.

Plan Your Planting Location with an Eye to the Future

If you’re trying to identify the perfect place to plant a shade tree, make sure to note what’s near all of the potential places. You should make sure to leave a significant clearance around your tree above, at, and below ground. In 15 years, you don’t want your tree’s roots to destroy your septic field or your home’s foundation. You also don’t want the tree’s limbs to grow too near power lines or roofs of homes or sheds.

You do, however, want to plant your tree in a location where it will cast shade where you need it as it grows!

Plan to Provide Your Tree with the Right Soil and Sufficient Water

Just as you give your pets and children nutrition to grow, your tree will need soil and water. To make sure that your soil is appropriate, have a consultation with our team. Before your tree becomes acclimated to its new home on your property, water is especially important, so be sure to follow our guidance closely.

Make and Follow Your Plan

Once you know which tree will complement your home, meet your aesthetic preferences, provide the right shade for your property, and not stir up your allergies, the time for landscape design planning will begin. We’ll be happy to help you determine tree placement as well as suggest shrubs and plants to accompany your purchase.

Call 239-362-4327 today to speak with the friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable experts at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. Our nursery in Punta Gorda and tree farm on Pine Island provide the opportunity to buy an array of shade trees as well as a diverse range of other plants and trees familiar to Southwest Florida.

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