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Quality will probably be your #1 consideration if you’re in the market to buy citrus trees in Port Charlotte. You’ll enhance your residential or commercial property in Southwest Florida with the best possible citrus tree purchase. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape has a wide selection of disease and pest-free citrus specimen to incorporate into your yard or garden.

Details about Installation

Buy Citrus Trees Port CharlotteBefore preparing your ground and installing your trees, you’ll need to consider a few details about the property. The areas that will work for planting are those that receive plenty of full sun and have clearance of 15 feet around the area. No power lines, buildings, water lines, or septic drain fields should lie within these 15 feet. You should be prepared to supply ample water and special citrus fertilizer as required as well.

Important Points about Fertilizer

Fertilizing the citrus trees that you choose shouldn’t be too complicated. You’ll need to purchase special citrus fertilizer and apply many light layers during the spring and summer. The application will be more frequent for the first three years, at which point you can scale it back to five times a year. Failing to follow the fertilizer guidelines could result in injury or death of the tree.

Pot-Bound or Yard-Planted

Sometimes trees are better grown in a pot than planted in the yard. A container will allow you to move trees indoors when the temperature drops into freezing territory. Among our stock of trees here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, the lemon and cocktail fruit trees are most appropriate for container growing.

Growing the tree in a container doesn’t require a pot of any special sort as long as it’s the right size and drains well. Matching your tree to the best pot is another assist that our helpful staff at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape will happily provide.

The right potting soil and placement of your container are two keys to successful container tree growth. The potting soil must have excellent drainage, and the pot should have plenty of drainage holes. You might even use gravel or another element in the bottom of the pot to promote drainage. Keep the soil in your pot damp without being soggy. Rotted roots will kill your citrus tree just as quickly as a dry tree will.

How to Best Harvest Your Citrus

Harvesting your citrus without causing damage to your tree requires a gentle pull and snap of the wrist. You should make sure that you limit your picking to ripe citrus because, once picked, the ripening process will stop. Experts also suggest leaving your fruit alone until you’re ready to eat it. Washing off the natural wax could promote premature dryness. When you have a bumper crop, consider other uses of the fruit such as making preserves or sharing with neighbors, family members, and friends.

If you’ve decided that investing in your Florida landscape and lifestyle will require that you buy citrus trees in Port Charlotte, visit us at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. We provide the area with quality citrus trees in several varieties including tangelo, orange, lemon, and cocktail trees. Contact us by calling 239-362-4327 if you would like to schedule design services, tree delivery, or any other service like mulching or sodding. We’re always prepared to help you improve your Florida landscape!

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