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We often hear questions like “where can I buy citrus trees near me?” If you’d like to grow your own backyard citrus and need a tree, you can find the perfect plant here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

Finding the right tree and having it planted are both easy processes when you avail yourself of our services. Keeping your tree in excellent, productive condition can be easy as well. We’re happy to provide you with a primer on citrus care and are always ready to follow-up with information or tree services.

We Live Where Citrus Trees Thrive

Buy Citrus Trees Near MeThe fruit trees that thrive within Southwest Florida do so because of the climate and soil. The sandy soil of the area generally drains well, and the humid heat is ideal for citrus to grow.

At Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, we grow and sell tangelo, lemon, orange, and cocktail citrus trees. The fact that we grow our own trees independently allows us to offer citrus in all stages of growth, so you can enjoy container-bound citrus on your patio or your own personal lemon orchard if you prefer.

When we have the occasional freeze, you may have to provide protection to your trees to keep them from being damaged. A container-bound citrus tree on wheels can be easily moved into the house, but a young citrus planted in the ground can be vulnerable and should be wrapped and covered during hard freezes.

The Difference between Longevity and Production

Most often citrus trees live an average of 50 years with fruit production beginning somewhere between the second and fifth year. While production will usually continue throughout the mature portion of a tree’s life, the quality and fruit can vary depending on health, and foliage can be a strong indicator of the health of a tree.

A Plan to Keep Your Citrus Trees Healthy

Keeping your citrus tree healthy is of utmost importance, especially if quality fruit matters to you. With citrus fertilizers, your trees can enjoy the perfect combination of nutrients, and pruning can also be beneficial to health. However, any pruning should occur when the leaves are off of the tree during the seasons when the tree is dormant.

Water is also important. During the initial period of adjustment, water is crucial, and you should apply it regularly. However, once a tree is established and set within a landscape, scale back on the water application to make sure that you don’t inadvertently rot the roots of the tree, causing it to die.

An Excellent Source of Citrus Trees

Once you’ve decided that citrus trees are the perfect addition to your landscape, you’ll need to find the ideal source for your purchase.

We proudly offer a variety of citrus trees. We’re passionate about providing healthy, quality trees to our customers along with helpful suggestions while choosing trees and during the landscape installation. We even provide tree services for planting if you would like an expert touch or simply have chosen a larger tree than you can safely transport and plant.

Investing in a citrus tree is a great idea for your Southwest Florida landscape so, as you Google “buy citrus trees near me,” count on Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape as the most helpful result. Give us a call at 239-362-4327 or pay us a visit at our Punta Gorda location to walk away with a citrus tree that will live well in your backyard oasis.

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