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The Adonidia palm is a decorative palm that works brilliantly on smaller properties and in smaller spaces. It’s often referred to as the Christmas palm because of its ornamental nature and will be a wonderful addition to your Southwest Florida landscape! If you’re in the market to buy Adonidia palms in Punta Gorda, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape should be your go-to source.

Buy Adonidia (Christmas) Palms in Punta GordaWhen you choose Adonidia palms for your landscape, you get a low-maintenance, self-cleaning, pest-resistant palm that will lose fronds on its own and require minimal care while providing astounding beauty.

The ornamental nature of the Adonidia palm peaks around the Christmas holidays; hence, the moniker of Christmas palm. At this time of year, the palm will flower with white blossoms, followed by red berries.

These beautiful palm specimens are available with single, double, and triple trunks, and they pack quite a punch when incorporated into a small yard because they don’t grow so quickly or so big that they overwhelm the space. They’re slow growers and average heights of around 15 feet.

The landscaping uses for Adonidia palms are many and varied. They work well as container plants near a patio or pool until they reach sizes that necessitate planting. They’re also great when positioned at the corners of homes, as the central feature of gardens or circular drives, or by the entrance of a home. If your yard is too small to house more than one palm tree, make sure that an Adonidia palm is the one!

Adonidia palms grow well in the USDA Zone 10 where frost is not likely to occur. Here in Southwest Florida, you should plant as far south as possible, provide a screen from harsh north winds, and make sure to protect the palm from the few frosts that might occur. They’re salt-tolerant, so you needn’t be worried about salt spray and can feel comfortable planting them near a temperature-moderating body of water.

When choosing where to plant your Adonidia palm, keep a few important details in mind regarding sun exposure. These trees grow well in full sun. While they can survive in partial shade, their growth might be stunted, resulting in thin trunks and fronds.

Caring for Your Adonidia Palm

Once you decide that the Adonidia palm is the perfect tree for your landscape, you’ll have to choose the perfect tree, schedule delivery and installation if warranted, and maintain the tree following planting.

The very first watering is quite important. You’ll need to follow through with regular watering, even spraying the leaves to keep them agile. During the period of acclimation, the soil shouldn’t become dry, but you also shouldn’t allow it to become overly wet. The roots can rot if too much time is spent in saturated soil.

An excellent investment in your Florida landscape is irrigation. Your palms and other plantings will have maximum hydration when the human forgetfulness factor is removed!

While choosing the perfect Adonidia or other palm tree for your landscape, speak with one of our professional staff members here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape about the benefits of irrigation, mulch, and other landscaping methods that stand to improve your tree’s survival.

If you are planning to buy Adonidia (Christmas) palms in Punta Gorda, stop in at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. Call us at 239-362-4327 for a quick consultation or stop in to browse our company-grown offerings. Our ample supply of palm trees and various other subtropical plantings make us the best place to outfit your landscape with greenery.

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