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The Sunshine State is known as such for an excellent reason. Southwest Florida’s sunny beaches, subtropical climate, and sand-based soil make it a place where palm trees thrive naturally. Since freezing temperatures occur here so seldomly, the entire year is a fine time to buy and plant palms, but the best time to buy palm trees is spring and early summer to give your trees the security of a long period of warmth as they become established on your property.

If you’re ready to take that plunge, visit with us at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. We offer two locations of company-grown palms as well as citrus and shade trees, shrubs, and various native plants and flowers. View us as your one-stop source for any plant or tree you need for your backyard subtropical oasis. We can even provide all of the care and purchase guidance you might need in addition to tree and landscaping services!

Palm trees are vulnerable to cold weather. While our area is generally far enough south for palm trees to thrive, as evidenced by the success of our tree farm on Pine Island, you should pay attention to the particular variety you choose. Some of them will require protection during the rare freezing event while also needing some shielding from northern winds. Once they’re established well, you shouldn’t have to worry.

By installing palm trees during the spring and early months of summer, you’ll provide the young trees with plenty of time for roots to acclimate and take hold in the ground. This strength will help your palms survive the colder months of the year. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape also provides mature trees that will need to be dug and transplanted, and the larger, more developed the tree, the more likely it will be to survive the initial winters.

Planting Your Palm Tree

Planting your palm tree upon purchase is just as important as making sure to choose a healthy plant. One of the first things to consider is how much sun your palm tree needs and whether you’ll need to slowly expose it to full sun over a period of time. You should also make sure that your soil drains well and has the right pH. If you’re ready to plant the palm tree permanently, call Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to schedule tree installation, or take this stepwise approach.

Choose an area for planting that will hold your palm when it reaches maturity. Consider both the root and canopy span. Look down to avoid allowing the roots to break into the foundation, septic tanks, or another hardscape like a patio, and look up to steer clear of utility lines or roof structures. Since different palms will grow to different heights, you’ll need to know the specifics about the variety of tree you’re planting.

You should also make sure that the tree’s hole is an appropriate size. The stress of transplantation can actually kill palm trees, so the size of the hole is critical. While the hole should be two times the width of the root ball, the depth should be sufficient to hold the root ball – no more, no less.

Water is also incredibly important. You should thoroughly water the roots and then follow up with daily watering for the first couple of weeks.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape has proudly grown trees and plants, selling them to the public for 30 years. Take advantage of the spring and early summer, as it’s the best time to buy and plant palm trees!

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