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The flavor of store-bought citrus can’t hold a candle to homegrown fruit, and the aesthetics of growing citrus trees adds a symmetry and beauty that works wonders for your landscape design. Begin at the best place to buy citrus trees. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape provides a large, varied collection of healthy plants and trees to add to your property. Plant an orchard, line your drive, or add functionality to your patio plantings with the lemon, orange, tangelo, or citrus cocktail trees found here.

Best Method for Planting Citrus Trees

Best Place to Buy Citrus TreesIncorporating citrus trees into your property shouldn’t be done haphazardly or without a proper plan. If you want to avoid having to cut down your tree years down the road, make sure that it won’t run into obstacles as it grows. Septic systems and lines, building foundations, and power lines should be given 15 feet of clearance. The location for planting should also receive plenty of sun, and the soil in the area should drain well and have appropriate nutrient levels.

Fertilizer will play a role in growing your citrus. Regularly apply light layers of citrus fertilizer throughout the growing season. After the first few years, you’ll be able to approach it less frequently. Be careful applying fertilizer; avoid root application, and follow the fertilizer application instructions.

Choosing between growing your citrus trees in containers or the ground depends on how much space you have, the scale of your intentions, and the type of tree you prefer.

Container-bound lemon and cocktail citrus trees are perfect for patio locations, and they’re easily moved inside if a freeze occurs. If a container is big enough and appropriately draining, it will work perfectly for your tree. You can even get one with wheels for easier mobility. Let the professionals here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape help you find the right pot for your purchase.

For a container-planted citrus tree, you’ll need good drainage with appropriate soil. Whether your tree grows in a container or in ground, keep the soil damp but not overly saturated. Too much water will rot the roots, and too little will also cause death to the tree.

The Best Way to Enjoy Your Citrus

Using your citrus as zest during cooking, drink garnishes, fruit spreads, or as a simple and wholesome snack are all great ways of using your homegrown citrus. Just as the type of tree and the method of growing are up to you, so is how you’ll use your fruit. When you pick it, be careful to pull and snap, only picking what you’ll use. However you decide to use your citrus, let it ripen, and enjoy the investment you’ve made in your landscape and lifestyle.

Once you determine that your landscape needs an uplift, finding the best place to buy citrus trees should follow. Stop in at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to choose the best citrus cocktail, tangelo, lemon, or orange tree in our stock. Give us a call at 239-362-4327 to schedule delivery or a consultation. We’re always at the ready to help you bring citrus into your landscape in an effective way. From the planning phase to the planting and even mulching phases, we’ll provide your landscape with the passionate guidance you need for a successful tree addition.

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