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Florida landscapes regularly feature palm trees of all types in landscapes, and the Areca palm tree provides a wide, full canopy that can serve as protection from wind, dust, and prying eyes, a foundational landscaping tree, or as a backdrop with a powerful tropical appearance. Finding the best Areca palm tree for your landscaping purposes will be easy when you visit our tree farm at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

Our passion for integrating homegrown trees throughout Southwest Florida is evident when you venture onto our tree farm on Pine Island. Every tree we grow is nurtured and monitored to ensure that it is free from disease or pests. When you buy a tree from us, you’ll get a healthy specimen along with all the information and assistance you’ll need to see it thrive.

The Areca palm tree is part of the Areca catechu species. This type of tree is also known as the butterfly palm, the betel palm, Indian nut palm, and various other names.

Depending on placement, the Areca palm tree can grow between a slow and moderate pace, reaching eventual heights of 15-20 feet. The trunk is fairly thin, and the leaves have a pinnate shape.

The Areca palm loves a tropical climate. You can grow the tree within Zone 9A, but you’ll need to plant with a screen from northern winds and protect during freezing weather. Zone 10 is ideal.

Come visit the friendly staff here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for a detailed care description to pair with the perfect tree for your yard. If you lack confidence or knowledge about how to best design your landscape, we can provide assistance with that as well.

Using the Areca Palm in Your Landscape

Potential applications for the Areca palm include use as a corner accent, to line a fence or driveway, or as a container plant on a lanai or by a pool.

The features of the Areca palm make it a functional and aesthetic winner. The canopy grows wide and thick, effectively blocking wind and dust. During the dry summer, your family will appreciate the dust filtration and the thick shade.

When Areca palms are part of the foundation for a tropical garden, clustering them with other trees will heighten the impact, and the partial shade created by the trees will benefit other plantings within your landscape.

Caring for Your Areca Palm

To care for your Areca palms well, there are a few tips you should remember. Resisting the urge to unnecessarily remove fronds is important. In most instances, you should allow the fronds to fall off on their own.

Planting on an elevated slope, fertilizing three times per year, and watering regularly are all key to growth.

Watering these trees can be tricky. The initial watering should be down to the root ball followed by regular water application. Keeping the soil and roots damp without allowing them to remain constantly saturated will keep the tree in prime health.

Once you understand how to use an Areca palm within your landscape and how to care for one, it’ll be time to choose the right specimen for your home. The right assistance from a professional on our team can make all the difference. We even offer tree installation and transport services here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

Areca palm trees from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape are vital components of a truly Florida-worthy landscape. Allow us to assist with choosing, planting, and growing your trees, and you can begin by calling 239-362-4327.

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