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Gorgeous palms are as expected in a Florida landscape as sunshine and sand are at the beach. Adonidia (Christmas) Palms offer a way to incorporate a tropical aesthetic into smaller yards and in areas that need an accent or a highlight. Here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, you’ll find the best source in Southwest Florida for the Adonidia palm.


Need-to-Know Info about the Adonidia Palm

The “Christmas Palm,” as the Adonidia palm is known, is very decorative and showy. It’s self-cleaning, losing fronds naturally, and requiring little in the way of maintenance, and it’s even considered deer resistant.

The name comes from the holiday-worthy white flowers and red berries that mark the tree. Their appearance coincides with the holiday season.

Christmas palms are available as triple, double, and single trunk specimens, and they can be planted just about anywhere since the speed of growth and size won’t become unwieldly. The Adonidia palm is an excellent option for accent, focal, and statement-making purposes.

Slow growth is another characteristic making the Adonidia palm great for smaller yards. The trees eventually peak at 15 feet, but it takes many years to reach this height. In the meantime, containers and corners welcome the smaller version of a tropical giant.

The Adonidia palm is moderately salt tolerant, an important feature for palms planted in this area.

The specimen thrives in Zone 10, so Adonidia palms should be planted as far south as possible, ideally with a building to block the wind from the north. Should a cold weather event occur, these palms will require special protection.


How to Grow Your Adonidia Palm Tree

The best place to plant your Adonidia palm tree will receive full sun exposure. While the specimen can grow within partial shade, the tree will display limited growth with thinner trunks and less fullness of fronds. To make this power puncher as stunning as possible, provide it with ample sun.

When planting, best practices suggest adding either organic peat moss or topsoil. Fertilizing three times per year will be sufficient for the Adonidia palm tree.

Allowing the tree to self-clean, meaning that the brown fronds drop off naturally, is the best way to maintain health. Removing the brown fronds yourself can inhibit the signals sent to the tree to grow replacements.

Planting your Adonidia palm will require that you think ahead and imagine the potential for future growth. A single trunk might only need six feet of clearance while double or triple trunk palms will require more space.

Providing irrigation for your yard might be an excellent idea because the roots should remain consistently moist but not saturated. The right balance of moisture will keep the roots from rotting or drying out.


How to Use an Adonidia Palm Tree

Landscapers often use this type of palm tree because it’s incredibly versatile. Entryways, corner spaces, along driveways or fences, beside pools, and as anchoring points are all great uses for Adonidia palm trees!

Since they grow so well in containers, keeping one in a wheeled pot is a great option for those with smaller yards or as a poolside accent.

When searching for the best palm tree for your small yard or space within your landscape, an Adonidia (Christmas) Palm from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is perfect. Reach out by calling 239-362-4327 or stopping in at one of our locations.

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