Wholesale Fruit Trees Punta Gorda

Locally grown fruit is an important benefit of living in Southwest Florida. Here in Punta Gorda, locals, organizations, communities, and other entities can purchase retail or wholesale lots of fruit trees. We offer an incredible group of different types of citrus here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. The high quality of our plants, trees, information, and tree services protect your investment and ensure success.

Wholesale Fruit Trees Punta GordaYour landscape design can only benefit from the addition of citrus trees. The fruit eaten and enjoyed, not to mention the bragging rights, will make all of your efforts worthwhile. You can also turn a pretty penny selling your locally grown wares at neighborhood farmers’ markets or in produce distribution lines if your intentions lean toward bulk production.

Consider Your Purpose

Whether you plan to buy citrus trees as a homeowner, business owner, highway manager, community director, or other role, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can help with wholesale or retail options. We can also walk you through the different types of trees that we offer, helping you identify where, how, and what you should plant for the best outcomes. For instance, if you plan to plant for your family’s enjoyment, make sure to sample a few varieties before settling on the right citrus tree.

Consider the Future

When you buy a fruit tree, pay attention to how large that tree is likely to grow. Most citrus trees require a 15-foot clearance. Below, at, and above ground level should be free from any obstructions. The foundation of nearby buildings, septic fields, power lines, and other obstructions could be destroyed by the future growth of your citrus roots or canopy.

Consider Sun Exposure

Plots of land have sun patterns. Sun exposure is an essential demand for any plant or tree, and different types of citrus will require different levels. Most citrus trees prefer full amounts of sun exposure, so finding the spots on your property with less shade is smart.

Consider the Amount of Available Space

The quantity of citrus trees that you can purchase and plant will depend on the amount of available space. Renters with small patios might be limited to a container planted cocktail or lemon tree while a business owner with ample land could plant far more. If you do determine that an orchard is appropriate, make sure to space your trees 15 feet apart and plant in rows that run from north to south. This spacing plan allows your trees to spread without obstruction or competition for nutrients or sunlight.

Consider the Essential Steps for Planting and Care

The citrus tree type that you choose to plant should have maintenance requirements that fit within your lifestyle and budget. For most citrus trees, water will be the primary need in the beginning, followed by seasonal fertilizer applications, occasional pruning, and careful harvesting when the time comes.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers retail and wholesale fruit trees from our location in Punta Gorda as well as our tree farm on Pine Island. Whether your needs are many or few, we offer a vast number of citrus trees for your purchase. All of our trees are in good health, without disease or pest infestation. If you’d like to browse our stock, stop by, and if you’d like to get more info, place an order, or arrange for delivery or tree installation, give us a call by dialing 239-362-4327 today.