Where To Buy Fruit Trees

As you search for where to buy fruit trees to add to your Southwest Florida residential or commercial landscape, consider Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. The professional, superior quality of our plants will ensure that you are placing disease-free citrus trees to your garden or landscape.

Planting Suggestions

Where To Buy Fruit TreesWhen incorporating citrus trees into your landscape, remember the following key points:

  • Will grow in light shade, but full sunlight promotes maximum fruit bearing
  • Leave 15 feet around each tree clear of other trees or buildings
  • Avoid proximity to septic tanks, drain fields, or power lines
  • Water well until acclimated to your yard
  • Fertilize with a citrus-specific product

Fertilizer Considerations

Young citrus trees need frequent, light applications of citrus fertilizer during the season of growth (spring and summer). Applications should be spread out around the base of the tree as far as the canopy reaches. Avoid placing fertilizer near the trunk. As the tree gets older, you can limit fertilizer applications to four or five times a year. Incorrect fertilizer application can cause damage to the tree.

Container-Grown Is Also an Option

If you lack a suitable place for planting, have limited room, or want to be able to move the tree back and forth between indoors and outdoors if a freeze threatens, growing your citrus trees in containers is a great option. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape provides tangerine, lemon and cocktail fruit trees, both of which grow well in containers.

The pots you choose for your citrus trees can be any material; it’s the size and drainage that matter. Our helpful staff will provide all information you might need, depending on the size and type of tree you ultimately choose.

The potting soil can also make a difference. Just like the sandy soils common to the area, potting soil for container plants should also drain well. Discuss the best soil with our staff since some citrus trees will require more acidic soil than others. These trees love full sun, and watering should be limited to a thorough drenching when the top two inches of soil is dry.

Best Practices for Harvesting Citrus Fruits

Harvesting your fruit when the time comes might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be wrong. An easy pull with a snap of the wrist will leave the fruit in your hand and the tree undamaged. Before harvesting all of your fruit, check a few samples for ripeness. Once picked, the fruit will not ripen any further. You should also hold off on washing your fruit until just before you consume it. The natural wax, when left on the fruit, will keep your fruit from drying out. You can also leave the fruit on the tree for a few months; just make sure to pick it before ripe turns to rot.

Wondering where to buy citrus trees for your Florida landscape? Stop in at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Punta Gorda or visit our original location on Pine Island, Florida. Give us a call at 239-362-4327 to schedule an appointment for any purpose from landscaping design services to tree delivery. We can walk you through the process of tree purchase, from browsing and selecting to installing and maintenance.