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If your landscape is feeling a bit humdrum and boring or simply lacks a focal point, consider the power of greenery and visit Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Pine Island, Florida. You’ll not find a better tree nursery in the area; we grow our plants, trees and shrubs in-house from seed to maturation, provide personalized service, and even offer transplant services. Come see what we have to offer and drive away with the perfect tree to perfect your residential or business landscape.

Tree Nursery in Pine Island

Consider Your Space and Purposes

As you consider the potential for adding a tree to your landscape, you’ll likely have a particular area or purpose in mind. Whether you require additional privacy for your land, would like a wind screen or shade, or simply have an empty spot upsetting the symmetry of your landscape design, consider the potential size of plant that you need as well as the canopy growth and breadth anticipated while choosing the right option for your space. Consider the proximity to structures and underground water systems as well. On site, we have both plenty of choices as well as a friendly ear to provide helpful tips based upon years of experience in the business.

Many Options to Choose From

The most common type of tree chosen in the area is the palm, which is understandable given the locale. However, we also offer shade and citrus trees for those with other purposes in mind. The palm tree is the best option for those who currently lack a palm feature (every Floridian should have at least one). This option also provides a structured feature for aesthetic purposes and provides great accent and privacy enhancements. Citrus options are excellent for landscaped gardens or for a unique touch and scent, and the benefits of a shade tree are clear from the name. Lemony fragrance in the summer wind, and a healthy bough of shading leaves is a blessing, as any one experienced with a Southwest Florida summer knows.

Consider these specific varieties that we offer:

  • Palm Trees
    • Areca
    • Adonidia
    • Foxtail
    • Bismarckia
    • Pygmy Date
  • Citrus Trees
    • Tangelo
    • Tangerine
    • Lemon
    • Cocktail
  • Shade Trees
    • Magnolia
    • Shady Lady
    • Live Oak
    • Bottle Brush

You will find precisely the tree for your landscape within our many available types, heights, and varieties.

Arrange for Transplantation or Planting

The level of assistance that you’ll require with installing your new tree into your property safely and effectively will depend on the size and type of the tree chosen as well as your particular situation. Smaller trees could likely be planted individually, but large palms will require special equipment and know-how. Choose a nursery, like Beltran’s, that provides assistance with planting. The awareness of how to move these living things with minimal stress is essential. Professional landscape installation experts at Beltran’s will do the required digging and heavy lifting without leaving behind a destroyed yard in the process.

Top quality trees paired with promised satisfaction comprise our company’s hallmarks. Drive to our location in Florida to experience these benefits for yourself, or call (239) 645-1656 for further information about the premiere tree nursery in the region. Every portion of the tree acquisition process finds a solution within our business. We offer decades of experience; providing property owners with natively grown trees is more than a business to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. It is our life’s work.

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