Tree Installation Services in Pine Island

Tree Installation Services in Pine IslandThe Florida sunshine begs for trees upon which to shine! Answer the call of the sun by choosing to invest in one of our company-nurtured and harvested palm, shade, or citrus trees. You can find one company to answer every issue that you might encounter along the way, including a safe and suitable tree installation when you purchase one of remarkable tree specimens grown, sold, and installed by Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Pine Island, Florida.

Why Choose Professional Installation

You may have misgivings about the need for professional installation of your tree purchase. After all, you just dig a hole large enough and cover the roots. Right?

Actually, the process of installing trees is a complex and delicate one. Making sure that the specimen undergoes as little stress as possible is critical to its health and survival. Allow the experienced professionals to handle the transport of your palm, citrus, or shade tree to keep it healthy and ensure that it lives for many years to come within your landscape.

    • The Roots Matter
      We’ll make sure that the roots aren’t damaged. For larger trees, we’ll ensure that they’re cleanly cut rather than yanked from the ground. The roots will be adequately protected, moved appropriately, and amply watered. The “Root Ball” will be covered with appropriate material, supported during transitions from underneath to prevent damage, and will be the right size to facilitate both movement and survival.


    • The Equipment Used Is Critical
      For this critical step in a tree’s life – its transition to a permanent home – the equipment used is integral to success. Beltran’s limits its tractor use to Kubota. This line of equipment is proven to lessen the jerkiness and stress experienced by the tree during the move. Our care for our plants, our customers, and our reputation demands that we use what works, employ those who care, and put customer satisfaction first!


    • The Planting Site Is Important
      We won’t plant a tree in a place where its growth will be inhibited or result in destruction of property. Furthermore, we’ll provide appropriate structure for the tree to support it during its acclimation to the new home within your landscape.


    • Follow-Up Care is Key
      Without water, and LOTS of it, your newly purchased tree won’t survive its planting within your landscape.


If this process seems daunting, it should! Why would you risk the survival of your tree purchase by attempting to handle it yourself? Beltran’s knows these trees well. For decades, this family operated company has grown, sold, planted, and maintained trees within the Pine Island area.

We devote our lives to the trees we sell, and this care extends to our meticulous practices regarding transport and installation! You’ll find all sorts of heights, varieties, and stages of trees within our facility, and we will install and service them all.

Regardless of the scope of your landscaping project or the size of your tree, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape on Pine Island, Florida provides installation services that will go beyond the ordinary to make sure that the planting survives and even thrives!

Give Beltran’s a call at 239-645-1656 for more information or stop by at your earliest convenience to check out the array of citrus, shade, and palm trees that we grow, nurture, offer for sale, and request the opportunity to transplant within your landscape!