Top Landscaping Services in Pine Island

Creating a beautiful landscape on your Florida property doesn’t have to take every spare moment you have. Hire the top source for landscaping services in Pine Island, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, to make your property look as great as you know that it can. With the know-how, the manpower, the equipment, and the source materials, we can get the job done expediently and affordably.

What We Offer

Top Landscaping Services in Pine IslandBeltran’s Nursery and Landscape focuses on providing company-grown plants and trees throughout Southwest Florida. We also sell outdoor furniture and decorations, and we provide select landscaping services. We do not offer regular maintenance or hardscape construction. You should call on us to help with landscape design needs, tree removal or installation, sod installation, and mulch application.

Landscape Design for a Successful Renovation

Landscape design is one area where many mistakenly assume that it’s a simple project. In actuality, designing a landscape that works functionally and aesthetically is quite complex. Our team can help get a plan together quickly without any concerns about whether it will work when put into action. These measures are available by appointment for both residential and commercial properties. If you’d like, bring pictures when you come in to browse at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for a bit of guidance as you shop.

If your plans for your landscape are smaller in scope, perhaps you need annual maintenance completed and don’t wish to sweat your way to a pretty view, call us. We can spread mulch, lay sod, and plant your trees appropriately.

Hands-Free Tree Installation

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is a superior choice for palm, citrus, and shade tree purchases. Since we sell trees of all sizes and stages of development, transportation and installation are two services we offer.

New Sod Can Completely Transform Your Property

If your lawn is marked by pet spots, overrun by weeds, or damaged by other forces, laying new sod can be an effective way to transform the look of the property. We serve as a source for sod purchase as well as installation. The sod options we offer include Bahia, Augustine, Floratam, Bermuda, and more. While we perform the installation, you must remember to water it and steer clear as directed for the initial period after the installation is complete.

Install or Renew Mulch without the Sweat

If you have planting beds, you have mulch. It’s an essential part of Florida landscaping that mitigates evaporation and temperature. Each year, your mulch should be renewed, but it’s likely not one of your preferred spring chores. We can do it for you, serving as both your source for mulch as well as the labor to deliver and spread it. We offer rock and wood mulch in several different colors, textures, and shapes, so you can complement your design with the mulch chosen.

Landscaping services supplied by the experts here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can have your property in impressive shape in no time at all. We’re one of the top places to go in Southwest Florida for quality tropical plants and trees as well as design planning, tree installation, and mulch/sod delivery and installation. To learn more, call us at 239-645-1656. Getting your landscape in shape can be difficult, but we can handle it for you. Take back your weekend without sacrificing your view, and begin by calling on us!