Sod Installation Service Pine Island

Is your lawn looking a bit ragged and worn? Pet spots, walking trails, and the ravages of heat or drought can affect the appearance of your lawn to the point that the sod simply needs to be replaced. For your property’s sod installation service, count on Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape on Pine Island.

Sod Installation Service Pine IslandThis company has more than 30 years in the landscaping market, growing and selling our homegrown plants and trees and providing landscaping services like tree installation, mulching, and sodding. We’re dedicated to perfecting Southwest Florida’s residential and commercial landscapes with beautiful landscapes – whatever they require.

A Landscape Renovation Is Incomplete without New Sod in Place

Anytime you want something done right, you should hire an expert. We know how to lay sod in a manner that will leave it in the best position to become rooted and grow well. Our team is prepared with the materials, the manpower, and the equipment required. We’re fully insured and prepared to perform to satisfaction – each and every time.

The most popular varieties we sell include the following:

  • Bahia
  • Augustine
  • Floratam
  • Bermuda
  • Much more

Our sod varieties will grow and thrive so long as you water appropriately and abstain from doing anything that could prevent appropriate root development. For the first few weeks after installation, you’ll need to water plentifully and keep everything and everyone away from your rooting grass.

Laying sod is a hefty undertaking, and it’s one that shouldn’t be taken on lightly. Our staff is filled with highly trained, experienced professionals who will handle your job professionally and comprehensively.

Choosing sod over other options is a smart decision for several reasons. Consider this inexhaustive list of benefits:

  • Sod is fully grown upon installation. You’ll not have to wait for seeds to sprout and fill in. Other options require an entire season of waiting, watering, and waiting some more – all without being able to enjoy your grass.
  • Sod takes less time. Once the acclimation period is complete, you won’t need to pamper sod unless you experience a drought. With other options, you’ll need to fight weeds from sprouting and water frequently.
  • Sod stops mud and erosion. Prevent your children and pets from traipsing in with mud on their feet, and keep more of your earth on your property. Erosion can be a significant problem, and sod provides a beautiful and effective solution.
  • Sod saves you money. Other options cost more when the combined costs accumulate. Our service is well worth the results received.
  • Sod stops weeds. Quality sod will grow thick and leave no room for weeds to weasel their way into your ground and grow, competing with your grass seed.
  • Sod is beautiful immediately. Enjoy a lush, thick grass that you can walk on with bare feet all summer long with professionally laid sod.
  • Sod lowers your utility costs. A full, thick lawn of grass will lower the temperature on your property quite a bit. This will effectively lower your cooling costs as well, a substantial benefit given the hot summers of Southwest Florida.

Sod installation is the best course of action when your lawn is patchy, dead, or taken over by weeds. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape on Pine Island offers an affordable and real solution. Schedule your service by calling us at 239-645-1656.