Palm Tree Nursery in Pine Island, Florida

In Florida, palm trees are as ubiquitous as sunshine itself, and every property, both residential and commercial, should embrace their use for landscaping purposes. Finding a source that offers homegrown, healthy, and height-appropriate options requires that you identify the best palm tree nursery in Pine Island, Florida. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape checks every box related to purchasing and planting an ideal palm on any property.

Where are the trees grown?

Here on Pine Island, Florida, we personally see to the cultivation of the palm trees which we sell. Beginning with seed and progressing to maturity, each tree we sell is personally cultivated. Natively grown, these trees will surely meet the requirements for local areas regarding temperature and soil.

What are the available varieties?

  • Areca Palms – Useful as a screen and healthily grown in warmer, tropical climates.
  • Adonidia Palms – AKA the Christmas pine, a shorter palm, generally purchased as a grouping.
  • Foxtail Palms – known by brassy rings left by falling leaves, vulnerable to sustained freezing temps.
  • Silver Bismarckia – marked by a fan canopy and considered to be a low-maintenance tree
  • Pygmy Date Palms – AKA a Phoenix Robellenii, a short option, hardy and able to withstand lower temperatures

Are the plants healthy?

This family-owned business takes great pride in the work. Providing the area with palm trees and the education required for successful growth is the passion behind the business. Each tree is grown from seed to sapling and beyond with a dedicated level of care. We provide substantial irrigation, fertilization, and monitoring. Before the point of sale, you can be sure that we visually inspect the plant to make sure that it’s worthy of being sold under the name of Beltran’s Nursery & Landscape.

Palm Tree Nursery in Pine Island

How will the trees be moved and planted onto my property?

Palm trees can be purchased in a great variety of sizes, and the method of transplantation or planting will depend on this factor.

Smaller trees can even be moved personally if the property owner so chooses. While they’ll require plenty of water and fertilizer until acclimated to the new home, the logistics shouldn’t be an insurmountable burden.

However, large palms will require a specialized approach. Heavy equipment and manpower will be required. Professionals should really be the ones who handle this transition to mitigate any effects that the move could have on the health of the plant.

We welcome business owners, homeowners, and even landscape contractors to request assistance as needed to ensure that the process of palm purchase is as easy and successful as possible.

How can I be sure of my purchase?

The surety of your purchase depends on the commitment, experience, and best practices of the company chosen. Here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Pine Island, Florida, you’ll find long term excellence as the basis for our standards. We provide the services of a palm tree nursery that includes more than the trees themselves. We offer care guidelines, assistance with transplantation, and other services as necessary. The personalized approach that we take is sure to result in an outstanding, long-lived palm addition to your property.

Take a drive to Pine Island, Florida, or contact us at (239) 645-1656 for a walk through our palm tree selections and secure any assistance related to their selection, planning, installation, or growth.