Mulching Service Pine Island

One of the greatest parts of living in today’s world is the ability to hire out chores that you don’t enjoy or have time to complete. In addition to the company-grown palm, shade, and citrus trees as well as the flowers, shrubs, and shade plants that we offer, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is the superior source for mulching service on Pine Island.

Mulching Service Pine IslandWe offer the keys to successful mulching:

  • Mulching materials
  • Equipment for delivery and installation
  • Professionally trained installers

Why Mulch Matters

Prevention of Evaporation – South Florida is a hot and humid place where water quickly evaporates out of soil. An appropriate layer of mulch helps preserve moisture within the soil, allowing you to postpone watering sessions and conserve water. All of your plantings can benefit from this small step to protect the moisture level.

Stifling Weeds and Overgrowth – Spend less time worrying about weeds by having a quality layer of mulch applied to your planting beds. We offer quality mulch that is free of weeds, and we know how to install the product in such a way that unwelcome seeds find it difficult to germinate. The plants that you’ve intentionally placed will thrive without competition from uninvited guests.

Protection from Cold and Heat – While freezing weather isn’t often an issue in our area, it is occasionally. More than cold, however, heat could damage your plantings by drying out the roots and wilting the leaves. Keeping the soil at the appropriate temperature for healthy growth is simple. Just make sure that mulch is applied and renewed yearly. A nice blanket of insulating mulch limits rapid temperature change that could shock and kill vulnerable plantings.

Aesthetic Appropriateness – In addition to the functional benefits that mulch provides, a nice layer also provides a background for your planting beds. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape stocks an assortment or rock and wood mulch in several different shapes, textures, and colors. This aesthetic component of mulch shouldn’t be overlooked when planning out your landscape.

Mulch Available at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape:

  • Wood bark mulch – natural appearance with a rough texture that’s available in various colors and shades. This mulch needs to be replaced annually but is low maintenance.
  • Rock mulch – fits within a tropical or modern landscape well. It’s available in several colors and will require professional installation. You’ll need to treat for weeds but won’t have to replenish annually.

Mulch is such an important part of your landscaping installation and maintenance that you should make sure an appropriate layer is always in place and refreshed yearly. We can handle this manual labor for you. Give us a call, and we’ll deliver and install without any effort on your part. Additional services we provide include tree removal and installation, landscape design, and sod installation. With our supplies and services, your landscape will be incredibly well turned out, sweat-free and affordably.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape has played a role in the landscaping arena in Southwest Florida for over three decades. We grow our own plants and trees, offering those materials, outdoor furniture, and landscaping services from our locations on Pine Island and on Punta Gorda. As a family owned business, you won’t find a more experienced, knowledgeable, or passionate team. Give us a call to find out how we can help make your residential or commercial landscape better: 239-645-1656.