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The importance of landscaping services in Florida go beyond aesthetics. While appearance is important, properties should also be functional and sustainable. If you’re looking for a provider in Pine Island that can provide a full range of landscaping needs in a professional, affordable, and appropriate fashion, give Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape a call.

Landscaping Services Pine IslandOur landscaping specialty services include a few of the big jobs rather than regular maintenance. Our services come in handy when the work required requires more sweaty labor than you’re able, or willing, to provide. Come here for effortless landscape design, mulching, sodding, or tree transport/installation.

The Difference a Professional Landscape Design Plan Makes

The design of any space should begin with a plan whether it’s a home, room, or landscape. We offer the assistance of a professionally educated and experienced team of landscape planners who can judge the lay of your land and determine where and what plants and trees will complement your home, personal preferences, and proximal community. The layout of your landscape should be designed to encourage sustainability and beauty.

Before you mistakenly assume that such services aren’t necessary, reconsider. Throwing out some grass seed and planting some plants and trees here and there will result in a failed, disjointed landscape that fails to thrive. Despite your best efforts, a lack of understanding relative to the interconnected, complicated layers of landscaping design can lead to nothing but disappointment. Avoid the effort, sweat, and doubled expense by starting with professional landscaping design like that we offer here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

The Added Value of New Sod

Updating the sod of a landscape can provide an entirely new look to your property! Healthy grass can also minimize erosion and lower temperatures. We have the equipment, product, and know-how needed to install your new sod to ensure that the roots attach well and flourish. We provide several varieties of sod from which you can choose including the following:

  • Bahia
  • Augustine
  • Floratam
  • Bermuda
  • More

The Necessity and Benefits of Mulching

Installing mulch is a necessary step of care for landscaping. Mulch protects soil from excessive evaporation and heat, protecting the roots of your precious greenery. As necessary as it is, few homeowners enjoy the hard work involved with shoveling and spreading mulch. Give us a call and avoid the sweaty endeavor.

Variety is key to a unique landscape. Just as we offer an array of plant and tree varieties, we also provide several choices of mulch. Within our inventory, you’ll find wood bark and rock in a plethora of colors, sizes, and textures. Your landscape design plan can incorporate mulch as a design feature with our numerous options.

You’ve Bought a Tree… Now What?

Investments made into trees for landscaping need protection that comes with professional delivery and planting – especially if your purchase is a mature, large specimen.

A tree’s root ball is vulnerable during the transition. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape provides a team of professionals with the know-how needed along with the equipment required. We’re loyal to the Kubota brand because our experience has shown that its use limits stress on the tree. If you buy one of our palm, shade, or citrus trees, pair it with professional delivery.

Landscaping services are an inevitable necessity of Florida living. When you need a provider, come to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape in Punta Gorda. We’re a leader in the landscaping world here in SW FL. Call today at 239-362-4327 to discuss the services and merchandise we provide.

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