Fruit Trees for Sale

Enjoying citrus made perfect by the Florida climate and soil should be one of the prime features of living here. Being able to grow your own oranges, tangerines, or other fruit should inspire residents to rethink their landscaping. The fruit trees we offer for sale here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape will provide the right trees to make your dreams of home-grown Florida fruit a reality. We’ll help you cultivate the essence of Florida right in your own backyard!

Fruit Trees for SalePlan ahead for the best outcome! If your lack of experience or knowledge causes anxiety about your decision, let us help. We offer landscape design services and plenty of knowledgeable staff members at our nursery and tree farm. For answers or appointments, call 239-362-4327.

Citrus trees have pretty similar needs in terms of sun exposure, watering, fertilizer, and pruning. Maximum growth and production depend on getting these factors right, so knowing the particulars for each type of tree will help as you make your landscaping choices. Feel free to come in with questions, pictures, or even schedule an appointment for a landscape consultation.

Environmental Factors Play into Your Decision

When you buy a citrus tree from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, you can bet that they’ll grow in this area. We stock trees that grow in the USDA Zones 9-11. Some may require protection during extremely cold weather or require planting near water or as far southward as possible. Younger trees require more protection, and you can take this into consideration while browsing our stock.

The Best Planting Spots in Your Landscape Come into Play

The right spot in your landscape can affect your tree choice in two ways. Either you can pick a tree and then find the right spot to plant it, or you can identify the area that needs a tree and then match the right tree to that location.

Whether you choose the location before or after deciding on the tree, make sure that it checks all the boxes for what is needed for maximum growth. Location-related factors that can affect growth include the following:

  • 15-feet of clearance above and below ground for root and canopy growth
  • Protection from north winds by a building or screen
  • Sandy, well-draining soil
  • Plenty of full sun exposure

The Nursery Will Affect Your Tree Purchase

In the end, finding the best place to buy your tree is of the utmost importance. Your tree’s ability to thrive and produce over the long term will begin early. Choosing to shop with a nursery or tree farm that has plenty of experience and positive results is the way to go. By selecting Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape for your citrus tree purchase, your landscape will benefit from a healthy, nurtured specimen. Our team can help you with everything from planning to planting and everything in between.

When your landscape needs a quality Florida-worthy pick-me-up, visit with us to check out our stock at our nursery in Punta Gorda or the tree farm we have on Pine Island. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape is proud to provide a host of trees that will fully meet all of your preferences while growing well in your yard and has a head start on a healthy future. The fruit trees that we have for sale vary in type and size but never in quality.